Tips on How to Win Baby Photo Contests

Posted on: 27th July 2014

Baby contests are increasing and getting very popular as companies producing baby products are competing to attract the hearts and minds of parents. They want the mommies and daddies to try out their products and keep on purchasing them for their babies.
Baby photo contests are one of the favourites of sponsors and manufactures as a way of promoting their company and products. At the same time they are also one of the most preferred baby contests of parents. Taking home the winning the prize of baby products that your child can use is not the only reason. It is also a source of pride for parents.

Win Baby Photo ContestsIf you are interested in joining a baby photo contest with your precious little angel, here are some tips to help you and your child get on the right track.

•           Read and understand the rules, conditions and requirements of the contest, know if your child qualifies. Is your child within age limit of what the organizers are looking for? If the organizers require high quality photos, which means photos taken by cellular phones should not be used, or if entries can be Photo-shopped or not. And always find out reasons for disqualifications, the idea is to avoid them.

•           Always make sure you have good lighting before taking pictures, Good lighting is a must. And you may also need to use a tripod if you feel you don’t have steady hands to shoot clear crisp pictures.

•           Take as many pictures as you can. Maybe you will be able to capture the right winning shot that is required to impress judges. The more choices you have to choose from the better.

•           Make sure the child is smiling. Judges and sponsors are looking for the face of a happy lovable child. Prepare her favourite toys, stuffed animals to help get the child get into the right mood.

•           The camera must constantly be within your reach, you should always be ready to take your child’s picture, because it is important that you catch the child in a very natural moment and in a happy demeanour.

•           Sometimes it helps to take pictures outdoors, the natural lighting, colourful flowers, trees, and green foliage always add appeal to your baby’s picture.

•           There are times a child can be difficult to photograph, they refuse to pose or keep still for anyone to take a proper snap shot. This might cause undue frustration between mother and child, continuous prodding may cause trauma to the child and make things much worst. Try using a camera with child settings, as this provides high speed rate that allows you to capture spontaneous shots without the fear of blurring even if the subject is moving.

•           Never use make-up on your child, judges prefer not to see make up on children. Facial make-up are not designed to be applied on a child’s face, many contain powerful chemicals that are not safe for children.

•           Do not give up if your entry is not chosen. Look at it as an opportunity, a learning experience which will help you have a better chance for you and your baby to take home the top prize next time.

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