Tips on How to Protect Your Photographs While Travelling

Posted on: 9th July 2014

Travel photography is enduringly popular hobby of many avid travelers and vacationers. After all, who doesn't want to take their camera on holiday with them?  For travelers, photographs are one of the best ways to look into the past and remember their life's most treasured moments. But traveling photographers can lose images due to a wide variety of reasons ranging from memory card failure to stolen or lost equipment. While not all circumstances can be avoided but there are ample of strategies you can employ while traveling that ensure you return home with your photos and all those memories intact.

Here are five ways to protect and preserve your photos:

Multiple Memory Cards

Havingmultiple memory cards is a reliable strategy to have in your approach to preserve travel photography. Some high end DSLR cameras have the ability to support multiple memory cards and write all of them when an image is taken. With this feature you can write your images to all cards and easily store them in different places, minimizing the probability of losing all of your images.

Protecting PhotographsComputer Backup

 One of the simplest strategies to ensure a permanent record of your trip photographs preserved is to take your laptop, a Micro Notebook computer or a MacBook Air along. This will make relatively painless for routinely getting the images off of your memory cards. Additionally, you can convert your images to a lower jpeg resolution if a large number of photos are involved. If you do end up losing the original images, at least some form of photograph will be preserved safely.

Online Backup

If you consider bringing your computer along the trip, making use of internet might be a good backup alternative.If your locale has reasonable internet facility and upload speed you have the option of backing up your images to your online storage site like Flicker, Photo Shelter, or Smug Mug.

icloud or any other kind of cloud technology-With the help of cloud technology, you can upload your photographs from your tablet device, iPad or even your computer to virtual storage which is almost automatic. This assumes adequate Wi-Fi connectivity at your destination, but if available, it can provide automated security for your images and allow you to share them almost instantly with others many thousands of miles away.

Portable Storage Drive Options

One backup strategy that does not require a computer or internet access is portable memory card viewer/reader storage device.  Such device is capable of reading, storing and viewing most types of memory cards. Saving images to one and keeping the original images on the memory cards, stored in a separate location, is a reliable strategy for protecting travel photographs.

So, if you have finally decided to make that big trip on your bucket list, the one important thing that you as a photographer need to consider is to ensure you get all of your precious photographs safely home. Which is possible by keeping in mind all of the above mentioned strategies.

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