Tips On Finding Free Stuff Online

Posted on: 3rd June 2013

Isn’t it great when you can get your favourite stuff at a discounted price? But what’s even better is if you can get the same stuff without having to pay for it. Yes, it is possible. With more and more companies these days fiercely battling for the attention of consumers and loyalty of existing customers, they would resort to every gimmick or promotional that would make them stay on top of their game.

The good thing about this is that you can benefit from their ulterior motive. You can get free stuff just by getting these companies give away exactly what you want from them. Read on to find out how.

  1. Free Stuff OnlineComplain about the company’s merchandise. Identify the product or service you want to complain about. For example, that juice extractor doesn’t operate exactly how it’s supposed to or there is a foreign object floating in the broth of a can of soup you just opened.

Just go directly to the company website and search for a "Contact Us" page or a link to Customer Service. Contact the company. Let them know exactly what happened. Provide your proof of purchase if you have it. Ask them to either replace the item or compensate you by sending you some free items or a gift card. Be persistent without being rude.

  1. Join multiple rewards programs. Many companies these days have set up a rewards program in their website. Choose your favourite store and sign up to be a member. You'll most likely get coupons, vouchers for free items, discounts off of your purchases or points toward different prizes.

Even if you don’t really shop at a particular site, there is no harm joining their rewards program. You can put up for sale on eBay or send out as a gift for love ones all those free stuff they can provide.

If you want to maximise your points to get a particular favourite item, just focus on its site’s credit card rewards program. Don’t forget to always check your email so you can redeem your rewards before they expire.

  1. Take surveys. Keep your receipt after you shop at a store or eat at a restaurant. Many websites ask consumers to complete a survey about their shopping or dining experience. Complete the survey because you may win a cash prize, a gift card or a coupon for a discount on your next purchase.

Better yet, visit your favourite company’s website. It usually has on its drop-down menu a specific area where customers can take a survey about their experiences with the company. If the window promises free stuff or coupons in exchange for your time, then take the survey.

If you don’t mind going up a notch in this survey task, you might want to answer job ads from companies looking for marketers to conduct surveys for them. These surveys help companies to get feedback about their products and to do a better job of targeting their advertising. Find a company that will pay you to complete surveys, like Ipsos Survey Panel, and sign up to start taking surveys. If you get picked to take a more in-depth survey, you may receive free products from a variety of companies that you can try at home.

  1. Ask for free samples. Get your favourite company’s address from its main website and write them a letter showing your gratitude for their product or service. Be more specific on how your life has changed or improved since using their merchandise to add a personal touch to your letter.

Request the free products. Some goof reasons the company may do so if it is your birthday or you want to share it to your circle of friends.

You can also write product reviews and post it on blogs. Contact your favourite company and ask if they would be willing to send free samples so you can continue doing product reviews. They would be more than happy to oblige in exchange for the free publicity you can give them. It is a win-win situation.

Final tips

  • If a company sends you something, wait at least 6 months to a year to ask again.
  • Not all companies will be willing to send you free items. If you never ask, however, you'll never succeed.
  • Once you experience getting free stuff online, it might be addicting. Make sure that you apply vigilance in joining, especially communicating with people who pose as representatives for the company. This way, you can enjoy getting free stuff with no catches and with no headaches.

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