Tips Of Winning and Requesting on Facebook Competitions

Posted on: 27th March 2013

Facebook CompetitionsWith the emergence of facebook the internet has become a feeding frenzy for persons in search of a great prize. You can win just about anything on the internet you can find and print coupons and check out new promotions. Winning items online in particular via Facebook competitions will require persistence.

Freebies from Facebook

When you log into your facebook competitions there are options which allow you to view different pages. You can view pages via brandname, recent listing or using a facebook app to organize your pages is a great tool for remaining up to date and allowing you to see the different notifications that are made by different giveaways.

Facebook competitions have many side links, a great way of finding free items is to pay attention to these side links. Some offers are actually live you will need to be on spot when the posting is displayed to quickly apply.

Free Offer Requests

Many times facebook will allow you to request the offer directly from the page. Many times you will have to visit the company's website to complete the offer. If the offer is oversubscribed then everyone will be rushing to get in on some of the action. This will cause web pages to display errors or go blank at times. Refresh the screen until you see something appear to complete the offers.

How to remove your facebook App

Many offers will request that you provide them with permission to publish information to your facebook page. If you accept this, they can be removed easily. If you have added an app that gives a third party permission to to post updates on your page these can easily be removed.

Step 1

Click on “Account” which is located at the top right of your page.

Step 2

Choose the privacy setting link.

Step 3

Go to the bottom of your page and choose Edit your Settings Apps and Websites

Step 4

Choose the Edit your Setting to show a list of all the apps that you have approved.

Step 6

For the apps you wish to delete just click the X located next to the edit sitting for their removal.

It may require some amount of time to process. When you remove the apps that are no longer necessary you can have the peace of mind knowing that you don’t have posts on your account that you do not want..

For pages that you do not like you can just click the unlike button. The update will no longer appear in your feed.

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