Tips in Running Successful Competition to Promote Your Business

Posted on: 28th April 2013

Online CompetitionsRunning a competition to promote your business can be a highly enjoyable and rewarding endeavour if you know how to plan and execute it properly. Of course, the buzz it will create or your biz is all part of it. Take a look at some helpful tips for winning business promotions.


  1. Determine your purpose. Why are you launching a competition in the first place would define the type of contest you will make, the rules and guidelines you will have to set, and the ultimate goal for doing it. Whether you want to create a hype for your brand, attract more loyal customers, or just want to show your charitable or humanitarian side – you have to stay focused on your main objective to help you do the right thing every step of the way.
  2. Choose the type of competition you want to run. Is it composed of simple trivia questions that would grant lucky entrants free goodies? Do you want customers to collect coupons and offer your merchandise as a giveaway prize in the end?
  3. Establish your success parameters. How would you gauge the effectiveness of your campaign? Is it the number of Facebook likes or Re-Tweets? This will not only help you assess the success of your competition but also give you the chance to track down potential customers.
  4. Have a clear set of rules. And make sure they are easy to understand and will take entrants from start to finish in no time at all. The more complicated rules you provide, the less likely you will have a huge turnout. Your competition is supposed to be fun an engaging, not boring or intimidating. And when you have finally written all the rules, stick to it.
  5. Promote your contest. This is the best part of this activity. Post it in your Facebook page, use Twitter hashtags, and upload it via YouTube. Put it up in your blog or advertise it in other blog sites. There are many creative ways to use social media to promote your contest and take advantage of it all.
  6. Make sure the winners get what you have promised. They did their part and now you have to fulfil your word. And don’t go beyond the deadline you have set. Otherwise, you might earn the ire of the audience and you will defeat the purpose in the first place. But if they can hold you true to your word, you will earn their unwavering loyalty to your brand.


Remember, successful Facebook competitions:


  • Know why they have a Facebook page to begin with. You can offer it as a relevant news source for your followers or just engage in meaningful conversations with your loyal customers.
  • Have custom tabs. This will lead your followers to different content and promotional articles you want them to know about. Another use is for submission of entries to any contest you have launched.
  • Upload posts regularly. It might be an additional task for you and it requires effort. But this effective marketing strategy can spell the difference between authentic concern for your loyal base customers and I-am-just-using-you-for-my-business attitude. If you believe that having a Facebook page can do wonders to your biz, have a posting schedule and stick to it.
  • Utilize Facebook ads. It helps you stay within the range of your target audience. You can customise your ads so you can focus on getting the attention from the right group of people.
  • Give people something to look forward to. That is basically the point of running competitions. But more than that, you want to establish a long-term relationship with your customers.
  • Provide updates to its fan base. But this has to be stuff that your audience would find really useful.
  • Take time to engage in conversations. If a user has a comment or suggestion, do not miss the opportunity to post your response.
  • Are “shareable”. Make sure your page is something that is worth sharing to friends, colleagues, and other people. A free iPad or eBook or an exclusive offer can cost you valuable hours and dollars but just think of all the potential clients you would gain.
  • Lead the way to your blog site. If you want to attract traffic to your site, use Facebook as your channel. Every time you have fresh content or new blog post, update your Facebook page so people can click it and go directly to your site.
  • Know how to integrate. Whatever it is that you have on your Facebook page must mirror the marketing you use in your other social media sites. Consistency is the key to have a powerful marketing that would give your bran that competitive edge you need to survive and thrive in the business.


If you will implement these strategies, it is not that hard to gain your customers’ two-thumbs up and establish your brand’s reputation in the business world.

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