Tips In Getting Free Samples By Mail

Posted on: 23rd March 2013

Free StuffGetting free samples through your regular mail now that’s a great idea. So how do you go about getting free samples by mail? By logging on and following these simple tips.

Tip 1

Abide by the rules and regulations of the promotions that you enter. Some websites that will send you free items by mail will require that you register with the site. The advantage of this is the next time when the site is hosting another giveaway, you will be sent a request to participate in their promotion. Your details will be stored so you will have to login to complete the form.

Tip 2

Always provide your address as required by the promoter. Your correct address will enable the promoters to send the samples that you have applied for directly to your door steps.

Tip 3

Always use a correct email address. Many giveaways will require that you confirm your entry. If this is not done and you are selected for free samples, they will not be shipped to you. If you are concerned about receiving spam, create a new email account account that is used to receive emails for freebies and coupons.

Many companies before they send you promotional items will ask you to complete a questionnaire. This is to match you with the free samples that best suit you. At the end of many of these questionnaires you will be asked if you wish to receive a monthly newsletter from the company or companies that are providing free samples. If you do not wish to participate then leave the option unchecked.

Tip 4

Finally submit your entry. Promoters will ask you to review your entry to ensure the details that you provide are correct. They will give you a time frame in which to expect the free samples by mail. This takes between three to eight weeks depending on your location. Some companies will require the confirmation of your order and email address. If you do not see the mail arriving in your main email folder, check the spam box and follow the instructions given by the promoter.

Note orders that are not confirmed within a specified period of time are deleted by the promoter.
By following these instructions you will be able to access free samples from many promoters online.

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