Tips for Winning a Baby Photo Contest

Posted on: 27th July 2014

Baby CompetitionYour thorough research has paid off: with both eyes on the prize it’s time to enter the baby photo competitions of your choice.

But before you hit the send button, here are some tips to bring you closer to that coveted prize.

A photo is worth a thousand words. Always choose an image that reflects the true personality of your child. The image should also be relevant to the competition category that you are entering. An image that shows your baby’s face is best, as it will showcase your child’s true personality to the judges. Try cropping your chosen image to make the face the focus point.

If you want to win a baby photo competition, you better pay attention to the rules. If you don’t follow the competition’s stipulations, you could end up disqualified. Photo contests usually come with a time and age limit, plus they often ask that all images are taken within a specific time-frame. Competitions will also require that the photos submitted be a specific size, file type, or print.

Choose which competitions fit you best. There are heaps of free competitions, as well as some that require an entry fee. If the entry fee if high then the prize should be bigger to offset your initial expense.

Spend some time searching to find out who the previous winners of the competition were. Always try to give your picture a unique spin from that of the last winner. Images that are similar may not be favoured by the judges.

The entry deadline must be met if your photo is to be accepted into the competition.

Other Warnings and Tips         

Some competitions will allow submissions by regular mail as well as email. Be on the safe side and send by mail. Emails can be difficult to open sometimes and this will frustrate the judges.

If the contest requires you to label the back of the print, take care that the ink is dry before you put it in the envelope. If not, the ink may smudge the image: causing it to be disqualified

When a contest allows several sizes of photos, always submit the largest one.

Contests that require an exorbitant entry fee may not be authentic.

Most contests will require that the photo that you enter was taken by you. Professional photos will be disqualified once identified.

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