Tips for taking great photos for competitions – The Secret That Will Get You The Prize

Posted on: 27th March 2014

You will find – if you are looking for it – 1001 tips for shooting great photos; and perhaps there are many which are phenomenal and key to winning. However, there are few places that will give away the real secrets that separate a great photograph from a winning photograph.

There is ONE secret that will have your photograph win the competition – and this is to shoot a unique photograph; a photograph that the judges have never seen before.

Eliminate ALL the normal, regular, perceived, expected type of photographs. Take your time and brainstorm on how can represent the topic of the photograph in the most unique way possible. Be bold, think out-of-the-box and do not be afraid to experiment. Here are some ideas you can start working with. Use these ideas for inspiration and ramify and diversify as far as you can:

  1. Shoot From Unusual Angles – have you tried to shoot your subject upwards? It is fun and you get some exceptionally interesting photographs. Get on your knees, lie down and shoot upwards. You can get some very funny snaps as well – and these are a shoo in for winning the first prize.
  1. Shoot Pictures In Motion – a bird in mid flight, a cat licking her mouth, a dog running with jaws fixed in a grimace of motion, a child running, a horse shying away, and so on. Shoot photographs of your subject in motion. Get one that will have you  catch your breath when you see it.
  1. Play With Reflections – reflections can make phenomenal photographs. You need to shoot in different lights, from different angles and even different apertures. With a little effort and a lot of patience you may get some stunning photographs with this technique.
  1. Shadow Play – shadows can make exceptionally powerful additions to your photographs. Try shooting at different time of the day, playing with the way the shadow highlights your subject. You may get some very unusual and stunning photographs with the shadows.
  1. Use Close Close-up – close ups make beautiful photographs; but it is when you shoot close-ups from as close as you can that you will get some very unique and interesting photographs. Use your imagination and practice a lot until you get the best and most remarkable photograph.
  1. Long Exposure Change It All – another secret to an exceptionally great photograph is exposure. Lengthen the exposure and suddenly you will have some most amazing photographs. Use the theme or subject with long exposure and get that amazing photograph to win the competition.

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