Tips for Running a Successful Online Competition

Posted on: 24th July 2014

Generating a lot of interest to your online competition is always a primary concern. Through direct email to members and followers, social media, online advertising, tri-media, and even giving away hand-outs in the right places, you will be able to attract and reach out to as many people as possible to participate in a competition which brings exposure and awareness of the products you are promoting and introducing to the market.

Increased traffic in the site is the usual measure of success of an online competition, and it usually depends on how great your campaign strategy was implemented.  But there are also a number of other factors to be considered that will affect the outcome and purpose of your competition.

Successful Online CompetitionHere are some tips you can think about for your online competition:

•           Set your goals, and provide a means for assessment after the competition. Keeping them in mind can help guide what type of competition you would want to run to maximize return from your competition. Your target audience definitely should also be considered. Is there a specific target audience or is it applicable to all that belongs to the whole spectrum of online competitors.

•           Fair competitions should be and is the holy grail of online competitions. There are different ways to determine the winner - you can use a program that randomly chooses the winner or, if it requires judging use a panel of judges that are well respected in their field of expertise. It always assures contestants that they all have an equal chance of winning the prize. They help prevent contestants leaving your competition with the feeling that they are just wasting their time.

•           Make a clear, easy to read and understand Terms and Conditions. The easier it is to join, the more appealing to participants. It should also have a well thought out and comprehensive text that will not worry participants about the security of data they provide and their privacy.

•           Carefully choose the prize you are giving away. Giving away high value prizes can have positive effects and some drawbacks. You can always try to weigh in the impact on your goals and capabilities. There is a saying, that having too much may not always be good. High value, highly sought after prizes are really great, and it will surely bring increase interest and traffic in your competition. But most of the participants may be professional hunters that are just after the prize you are offering and do not have any interest at all nor have any intention of buying any of your products. These are definitely drawbacks from having a competition in the first place you must find ways to avoid. There are ways to get around and minimize these problems without totally sacrificing the interest and the fun of having a highly sought after prize.

•           At the same time you are starting the competition you should already be thinking of the next one in line. You must set a date for the next competition prominently placed on your blog and social media site for competitors to see. Include in your sites a winner’s box, “real” winner’s picture with their prize, stories and comments and it will surely build confidence to your competitions. Do not forget to email and thank all the participants for joining and making your competition a success and do not forget to invite them to join your next competition.

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