Posted on: 26th July 2014

In spite of what we have been reading and all the wonderful things and experiences that we have been hearing, the easy relaxing lifestyle and the cool prizes like cars, vacations and cash yes, they are real. And there may be rare occasions of beginners luck where first time compers get to take the winning prize home. But! Usually winning any online competition and sweepstake are not as easy as some people may think. And if ever they win, we never hear how far in between it is. There is only one winner that gets the prize and the rest, the hundreds even the thousands of participant, only gets experience, to take home.

Sometimes, it really takes a long time before someone starts to win prizes. It takes a whole lot of patience before he or she figures out the right attitude and proper strategy needed to win and to keep on going as a novice comper. Then hopefully after he/she gets the hang of it, and gets more experience and learn how to layout plans to win, the much awaited and desired prizes would start coming in.

Online Competitions and SweepstakesDo not lose hope, there are new means, new technology to help you and to make the lives of compers much easier. Now there are programs like Roboform and texter specifically developed for compers, that can help fill out forms and allow you to shortcut long text. It shortens the amount of time you need to finish each entry. This will be able to help you make multiple entries and lets you enter as much sweepstakes and competitions as you can. This will surely and greatly increase your chances of winning because the more entries you have, the higher your odds of winning.

Give yourself enough time daily for placing sweepstakes and competition entries. Set a specific number of entries that you must submit daily, and increase it as you get used to the routine of filling up the forms. You will realize that you will be able to accomplish a large number of entries.

Develop competition and sweepstake strategies. Create a secondary email address to help you with all the notifications that you need to see and help you organize your inbox, emails inviting you to join other sweepstakes and competitions that you will receive from all over the world.

Always carefully read the rules, terms and conditions of each competition, as this will help prevent disqualification, and find out and avoid specific reasons for being disqualified. Research on the sweepstakes and competitions you are interested. Look at comment boxes, at compers forums and use referrals to make sure you are entering legitimate online competition and sweepstakes.

And you should also try asking yourself the question. Are you enjoying what you are doing or not? You must have a feeling of enjoyment and satisfaction to be able to continue this life style. If you are not enjoying it, you shouldn’t be doing it. It really requires a certain amount of happiness, fulfilment and an uncanny patience to continue being a professional comper.

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