Tips For Australian Competition Promoters

Posted on: 16th March 2013

Australian Competitions

Getting more visitors on your site is the main goal for your Australian competitions. But you’d be surprised how easy it is to turn them off if they you don’t follow through to what you offer them on first glance. Worse, if they find themselves asking more questions than getting the right answers right away, you might lose them forever. There are no secret formulas to attracting your target audience, just as long as your online competitions have these qualities.

  1. Authentic: Offer a real competition that will not waste anyone’s time or effort. Don’t even think you can tell them “they might need to pay for part of the prize” because it will instantly backfire and earn you more than just complaints and snide comments.
  2. Transparent: Lay down all your cards on the table so you can instantly gain your visitors’ vote of confidence. Let them know all the terms and conditions of the competition – start and end date, how to find out the winners, prize value – everything that needs to be included.
  3. Legitimate: Anything that has something to do with lottery requires a permit from the state. Do keep your best to abide with the law.
  4. Relevant: Lose any essay type of questions – the entrants don’t have the time or patience for that kind of stuff. If you want an honest feedback from them, leave it out in black and white so you get what you want from them.
  5. Easy to enter: You’d be tempted to always tell your visitors they cannot join your competition unless they make purchases first but don’t. Remember, if you want to build up your member base, offer a free online competition first.
  6. Interesting: Make sure that people get something they can actually use or want to have. Do not offer anything that has little or no value even for you.
  7. Functioning: Do a dry-run to find out if everything is working according to what you want to offer to your      visitors. It is better than doing damage control once you released your competition and something goes wrong.
  8. Prompt: From start to end, however short time it may be, the excitement is already building up. Follow through with what      you have promised to your visitors. Make sure the winners get their prizes in a timely manner.
  9. Rational: It might be disheartening to know that your competition is not going the way it should be but don’t throw in      the towel yet. If you pull it out, your visitors will notice it and they’d think you are pulling a prank on them. Plus, it is illegal. Take      everything on a stride and learn from it. On the other hand, if it goes smashing well, don’t let it go on for another few months.
  10. Discipline: The database you have just earned is not an excuse to email your new members every day. You don’t want to be      spammed. Just email them when you have something new to say or a new competition to offer.

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