Tips For An Effective Job Posting

Posted on: 19th October 2013

An effective job posting is one way to attract the best freelancers in the market today. If you want to find the most suitable and most experienced professionals to do your website or company projects, you have to hone your job posting skills to get better results. Provide all the necessary information in a clear and systematic manner so that you get your money’s worth. If you successfully created an effective job posting, applicants will fully understand what you are expecting from them and you can have a good working relationship from the moment you hire them.
Make the most out of the few lines that you have paid for in the online advertisement pages by following these useful tips in writing an effective job posting:

Job Title

Clarify the official job title you are posting for because this is the most important detail that the applicants will be looking at. Be careful in your choice of words because it will determine whether the applicant will click through your job posting and read it. If you provide clear and descriptive information in the job title, you can attract more applicants that are suited for the part.

Effective Job PostingJob Description

Equally important as the job title is the job description part. You have to enumerate the tasks and responsibilities that need to be done, your expectations, and the role the chosen applicant has to fulfil as being part of the company. You have to explain how and when the work must be completed, who they will be working with, and how their jobs will be rewarded or compensated. If you also include any possible or future promotions or benefits for a job well done, this will also grab the attention of the best freelancers around. Knowing that they can develop or sharpen their skills in your company will make them more eager to showcase their talents.

Company Information

You also have to put basic company information in your job posting. Explain your business goals, vision, values so the applicants will have an understanding of the kind of working environment they want to join with. You can also include your company history, location, and other facts that may encourage the applicants to offer the best of their services and intention for the success of your business.

Candidate Qualifications or Requirements

An effective job posting outlines the qualifications you want from a prospective candidate. Distinguish the skills you expect from the applicants and the skills they need to fulfill their responsibilities. If you are looking for specific requirements such as educational background, relevant work experience, certifications and licenses, or technical or language ability, then write them down. This will help you in having a short list of the most suitable candidates for the job.

Contact Information

Interested applicants should know how to reach you as soon as possible so include all the information they need. You can write down your email address, fax, mobile number, or website to speed up the time they will contact you.


It is also advisable to use specific keywords which the applicant usually type when they are looking for different job postings in the internet. Write down alternate job titles or description so you can attract better qualified candidates. This will also help in improving your ranks in the search engines like Google and will increase the click through for your job posting.

Proofread your job posting before advertising it. Check for the use of English grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary. Make sure that it is clear, very detailed, and looks professional to create a good impression to the applicants. Follow these useful tips and you can be sure that you have an effective job posting that could bring success to your business.

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