Time to Get Appy! How to Make an iPhone App for Free

Posted on: 30th July 2014

You've seen them before, right? Those slick iPhone apps that allow you to do virtually anything and everything on your phone. So what happens when you have an idea for an app and you're already counting the profits that you will make from the App Store? You're probably wondering if there are there any companies that will show you how to make an iPhone app for free. It used to be that you would have to hire a programmer to create said app for you. Not anymore; times have changed. Now you could make an iPhone app for free without any technical knowledge involved.

Free iPhone AppsThree companies have launched free iPhone app makers. That's right. They're free and you could create the app yourself. iBuildApp claims that most anyone could make an iPhone app in just five minutes. They offer a wizard, which starts off with a template builder for the app. Once created, iBuildApp will allow unlimited downloads of your app and provides self-service submissions to iTunes and Google Play. AppMakr is another company that offers a do-it-yourself platform for making apps where no coding is required. Its app builder comes packed with features such as push notifications, HTML 5 functionality, and design customizations. The App Builder offers another option for making iPhone apps. Its easy-to-use wizard provides a content management interface that will allow you to complete the process in minutes. It provides a channel for cross-promotion on Twitter and Facebook. It also facilitates the app updating process so that you could keep your content fresh and relevant for your audience.

If you build it, they will come. Companies that are offering iPhone free app makers have opened up the world of app building. Get started now and don't worry, be appy!

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