Things to Do While on a Vacation in Batangas

Posted on: 17th August 2014

Not too far from the hustle and bustle of the city of Manila, there is a place for beach lovers and everyone else longing for the calm and beauty of the countryside. Batangas is the perfect place to unwind, revitalize and feel reinvigorated. Taking a vacation here is worth your time and money.Lovely beaches, good coffee and excellent food dishes await you here. If you have a knack for nature tripping, colourful festivals or warm people, Batangas is right for you. Throw away all your worries because in Batangas, you got all you need for a satisfying and well-deserved vacation.

Laiya Coco Grove Resort (San Juan, Batangas)

The place is perfect for relaxation, quality time with loved ones and meditation. You’ll definitely appreciate the white sand along the wide stretch of the beach. The excellent recreational facilities here will definitely make you feel like you’re in a home away from home – yet without all the chaos and stress. Stay fit while enjoying your vacation as you try the rope and obstacle courses. It will surely unleash your sporty character. If you opt for much laid back
activities, you can have a picnic on the grassy shady area that leads to the shore – a romantic setting for lovers and honeymooners. Ride a native pony by the sea shore so you can immerse yourself deeply into nature. Set free your inner child as you go bouncing on the trampoline. Go kayaking or experience the banana boat ride. Release your competitive spirit as you indulge in some beach volleyball with your family and friends.

Batangas VacationCasa Rap (San Jose, Batangas)

Casa Rap (which, if loosely translated in the native tongue, is ‘very delicious’) has a rustic Filipino interior although you might be fooled by the unassuming exterior design of the place. It may look like just a simple house structure with trees around it and a very modest signage but simplicity goes a long way when you get inside. The place has no air-conditioned rooms because it is not necessary. The very cool weather is attributed to the abundance of trees and plants that surround the place. You’ll have a gastronomic delight at the organic foods served here. If you want to prolong your stay, you may also try the spa and massage services.

El Torro Restaurant (Batangas City)

This restaurant offers German, Thai, Mexican and of course Filipino cuisine. The owner (a German national) speaks fluently in Tagalog (the native language of the Philippines). El Torro offers big portions of their available food dishes at reasonable prices. A must-try is the German mixed sausage platter (cold cuts). The restaurant offers a wide variety of beer and wine to go with the dishes. Some products even come from Germany, like the chocolates, biscuits and other ingredients they use for the main dishes, but at a very affordable price.

Rose and Grace Restaurant (Sto. Tomas, Batangas)

The specialty of this restaurant is the bulalo (Filipino beef shank and marrow stew). This steaming hot bowl of goodness is what you need when you feel stressed out or under the weather. Its generous serving means it can be shared by up to 3 persons. What’s good is that the soup is refillable! You may also want to try their hefty servings of halo-halo (Filipino hodgepodge dessert). The seafood dishes are a favourite among patrons. Do not miss the lechon kawali (deep fried pork belly), a signature Filipino style dish of the restaurant. Before you leave the place, you might as well take a look and buy something as pasalubong (something you can take home) like polvoron (Filipino powdered milk candy, spicy dried anchovy, and garlic-flavoured peanuts.

Cafe de Lipa (Mataas na Lupa, Lipa City)

If you need your caffeine fix, this is  the perfect pit stop for you. Café de Lipa offers the famous kapeng barako (trademark Batangas coffee). Enjoy the laid-back feel of the place as you take a sip of the good coffee. The kapeng barako is best paired with some of the Filipino style pastries like the tableya-brownie bar, calamansi crunch and their own version of pandesal. Savour your Batangas vacation by indulging in a hot cup of kapeng barako in Cafe de Lipa.

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