The Ultimate Bucketlist: Places To Visit Before You Die

Posted on: 1st March 2013

Earth is full of jaw-dropping, goosebumps-inducing locations that you should see and experience. Do your best to stir that slumbering travel fund of yours and when you have finally unearthed your passport, check off each one from your ultimate travelling bucket list.


It will be hard to choose the most awe-inspiring sites that should be on top of your life list because beauty and splendour is a matter of opinion. While there are people who prefer ancient cities and history-laden structures, some others are enthralled by epic scenarios, remote islands, and exotic jungles. To get you started in the right direction, here are the top ten amazing places to visit.


Places To Visit Before You Die


Discover, explore, and experience the ultimate wonders of the world. In no particular order, here you can find the best adventures of a lifetime.


The Great Wall of China

Bare hands built this 5,000-mile long structure. It can be seen from outer space. Enough said.


The Grand Canyon

Carved out by the Colorado River for countless centuries, this red-hued canyon is truly a sight to behold. Try to stand near the edge to get closer to the huge rock walls which is over 200 miles. Both its north and sout rims are brimming with epic vistas that would take your breath away.


The Easter Island

Easter Island

The existence and purpose of the behemoth statues on the small island in the Pacific Ocean baffles both ordinary folks and the scientific community. Mysterious and intriguing like its landscape, you will not be disappointed when you visit here.


The Taj Mahal

Romantic and historic, this world-renown landmark is something that many builders try to replicate but fail in doing so. Regular workers and skilled artisans painstakingly worked on its intricate calligraphy, exquisite adornments, and spectacular decorations that made it a spectacle on a league of its own.


Great Barrier ReefThe Great Barrier Reef

The most famous coral reef in the world stretches for more than 1,600 miles. With over 3000 individual reef systems and coral cays, it is home to a cornucopia of exotic sea creatures. As one of the seven wonders of the natural world, it is the only living thing visible from outer space.


The Great Pyramid of Giza

The oldest and most famous man-made structure in the world is a proof that engineering marvels can happen even without the aid of the latest technology tha we enjoy these days. Its highly polished stones and sheer size alone can render anyone speechless.


Petra, Jordan

The ancient city was built in the mountain sides and is ripe with tales that span different cultures and multiple generations. It has 14-feet tall entry ways and stone walls that are so thick, enabling it to withstand harsh weather elements for thousands of years.



The 25-ton sarsens or sandstone blocks in Amesbury, England spark controversial debates as to its construction and arrangement. Theories range from ancestor worship and burial ground to being a huge calendar and a place for human sacrifice. At sunset, a yellow-orange glow will peak between its towers’ arches.


Angkor Wat

Its literal translation is “City Temple” and it is aptly named. This Cambodian treasure is an epitome of marvelous architecture even without technology’s help.


Venice, Italy

The canal streets of this breathtakingly beautiful city make it a poster picture out of a fairy tale story. Only that this is real life and you cannot quite fully appreciate it without experiencing it first hand.


Your ultimate must-see destinations does not stop here. If budget constraints hinder you from actualizing your dreamy sojourning to the best of the best around the world, join travel competitions to avail free trip tickets, accommodations, pocket money, and other travel perks.

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