The Secrets To Winning Giveaways

Posted on: 29th December 2012

Giveaways are happening every single day, and people seem to be winning them all the time. If you are not winning them, either at all or certainly not as much as you might like, perhaps there are some ways that you can modify your approach to be a better fit to be picked as the winner of the contest. Of course the nature of your entry depends on the kind of contest specifically.

Photo Contests

Winning GiveawaysThere are specific tips that can aid you in providing an image that is more likely to win a photo contest. First and foremost, it is important to read the directions completely to ensure that you are completely versed on the subject matter for the contest. Another thing to consider is a modified approach to that subject matter. Just taking a photograph of the obvious choice to adhere to the contest guidelines does nothing to get you noticed.

25 Words or Less

These can be incredibly tricky, because they can limit your ability to explain yourself. These are not ever determined by chance and luck, but rather the way that you are able to utilize the limited word count to get your unique voice through. The first step is listing some ideas that you might have, and working with them until you have one that stands out from the rest. You should always mention the company or the product responsible for the contest itself, this will stand out to judges. Then, write out all of your idea, disregarding the word limitations for a minute. Once you have it out, carefully revise it so that your limit is reached and your end result makes sense and is, most importantly, grammatically correct.

The More The Merrier

You cannot hope to win several competitions, if you are not entering several competitions. Make friends with your web browser of choice, and be looking all the time for new contests offered by companies and organizations. Welcome any and all that peak your interest, as the more names you have in these hats, the more likely it will be for your name to get drawn and declared a winner. Stay diligent and be persistent. Also looking for competitions that might not draw in as many entries can be a good place to start, as this severely lessens the pool of other winners.

Understand the Rules

Simple misunderstandings can equal disqualifications. So make sure that you are reading through everything, even the fine print of these contests and competitions to ensure you are entering appropriately. Be looking at the deadlines, the specifics of entry requirements and so on.

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