The Rise and Rise of the iPad

Posted on: 22nd February 2013

iPad RisesMillions of people across the world have rushed out to buy an iPad since its invention a few short years ago. Recent surveys show that they have come to love and appreciate their iPads too. The satisfaction that a consumer gets from their iPad is expressed by their extravagant purchases and the time spent using them.


iPads, and tablet PC’s as a whole, have only been around for the past two years. Despite being a relative newcomer to the tech scene, there are currently 74 million iPad users in the USA alone.


Experts predict an increase in iPad sales in 2013, expecting over 117 million Americans to own one by the end of the year.


iPads don’t just sit in the corner like a regular PC, they are used constantly. Their owners use them several times a day. Estimates show that iPad users spend more than 14 hours a week fiddling with their tablets.


The main use of the iPad is to browse online content. Most users stream videos, listen to music, watch news, check the weather and take part in other entertaining activities with theirs.


The study has also revealed that of the majority of iPad users are willing to purchase content. Statistics show that over six out of ten iPad users have bought something in the past year via their device.


iPad owners are willing to buy apps and other software for educational and recreational use. They’re also willing to spend money and purchase content for their tablets on the go. This is excellent news for people who specialise in online content.


The influence iPad has on consumers is growing. After watching an iPad advert, people are more willing to make a purchase. The average iPad user is willing to buy around $359 on device based products.


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