Posted on: 19th October 2013


Choosing a suitable freelancer for any of your website and copywriting project can be easy with so many highly qualified professionals in the market today. But looking into the resume alone will not give you enough information to determine whether he or she will do exactly what you are expecting for. You need to have specific guidelines to ensure that you will be satisfied with the job and that the work completed will bring success for your company. These include the freelancer’s writing style, or the companies that have hired his or her services, the a
bility to meet deadlines, and other factors.

When there are countless responses for your job advertisement, you want to simplify the process of hiring the best one by considering the following important factors:

Writing Style

Do you like the way the articles were written? Are you looking for someone who utilizes different styles in his or her portfolio or are you looking for someone who sticks to a tried-and-tested strategy when working on projects? Knowing what style you are looking for in a freelancer will ease the process of finding one. Different freelancers have different styles and it is still up to you which of the applicants you should hire.

FreelancerWriting Genre

Aside from looking at the freelancer’s writing style, you also would want to examine the topics that he or she has worked with in the past. If your website calls for someone who has graphic design or technical knowledge, then look over the description or scope of the freelancer’s previous articles so you will know whether he or she is suitable for the job. There are applicants that will showcase their numerous writing projects but might not offer you the relevant information you are looking for.

Completion Dates

When you post the job listings for your projects, applicants will readily show you the samples of their previous works but it is advisable to look at its completion dates. Although they may give satisfying articles that would be useful for your company, you would want to view the most recent jobs they have completed to determine whether they still have the writing skills you are expecting for after all these years. If you like a particular freelancer and he or she did not provide you with current samples of work, you can request it so you will know if he or she is really suitable for the job.

Communication Ability

One way of determining whether a freelancer is suitable for your projects or not is the way he or she responds to your queries and instructions. The freelancer should not only prove that he or she can provide quality work but also assure you that the project can be delivered on or before the due date you have set. If the freelancer is willing to stick to your deadlines, then it is a good sign that you can entrust more projects for him or her in the future.

Writing Links

Although this can be optional, it is also worth considering a freelancer who has works posted on different links. Knowing that other companies have trusted him or her enough to display the articles on their websites is one proof of the freelancer’s writing competency.

These are just some factors you have to consider in choosing a suitable freelancer for your website or copywriting projects. Determine your guidelines in the selection process and do not forget to clarify the job description you have posted. If you can find the best one to follow your instructions clearly and provide you with quality work, you can be sure that your business will succeed.

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