Posted on: 16th April 2014

Many bloggers (those who won and run blogs) announce sweepstakes and contests to build their opt-in lists. This is one of the quickest, cheapest and sure-fire method to promote awareness about their business (and blog) and attract people to stop by to check out what they sell. Most of these contests/ sweepstakes have a knack of going viral when the prize is something popular and valuable.

What Are The Top Advantages Of Entering A Blog Contest/ Sweepstake?

Blog contests come with many advantages:

  • Easy To Enter – all you need to do to enter in blog contests is post a comment. There are many other ways that will facilitate your entry - some blogs require that you fill-in a quick form; others require that you refer 5 friends for the newsletter; some require that you sign for their newsletter; yet other will require that you announce the contest on your blog to be considered a participant. All these are super easy – and it would demand not more 5 minutes or less of your valuable time.
  • The Prizes/ Giveaways Are Always Good – blog contests are mostly offered to promote the blog visibility and build brand and popularity of the product/ service sold. To ensure that people beat a path to the blog, the sweepstakes/ contests always offer a super-cool prize. This would prompt people announce it to their friends, and they to their friends; hence, making it viral and thereby increasing the rank and brand name fastest and at the least cost.
  • It Is Quick And Lucrative – entering a blog contest is quick as it is easy. This means that you could enter quite a huge number of these – once you identify them on the Net – thereby increasing your chances to win prizes exponentially.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Entering A Blog Contest/ Sweepstake?

As with every good thing, there are a few downsides with blog contests as well:

  • Prizes Are Rarely Large  – since blogs are often by micro-entrepreneurs, the prizes offered are rarely in millions of dollars or even hundreds of thousands. Nonetheless, these would be valuable and useful gifts – as the blogger would want you to not only visit this once to get information about the contest and enter to win, but also to return to give the blogger business.
  • You Are More Likely To Run Into Scams Than Anywhere Else – blogs are free to set up. This often attracts people to announce fraud contests/ sweepstakes  just to collect your information and sell it to spam companies – or worse, steal your identity and steal your money.

Be always careful whether you are entering for contests/ sweepstakes online or offline – to ensure that you are not being scammed.

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