Posted on: 26th October 2014

Nowadays, the most important and powerful instrument is pen. It can help you win battles and at same time win hearts of million. Writing is the best and the most sophisticated way to express ones thoughts, ideas, reviews, knowledge, grief, etc. It is an art as well as science. You learn it by yourself and at any age. It is profession for some while passion for others.
The power of words is beyond infinity. Apart from showcasing ones ideas, knowledge etc., it also lets you showcase your imaginative skills. Writing stories is the best way to do so. What if you get a chance to visit your dream place by writing a short story? Yes, you heard it right. Write a short story and win a free trip. This is the best accolade when you get a reward for your passion. It’s like icing on the cake. Write a story and change story of life forever.

THE POWER OF PENAlways remember that nobody is born writer. You learn these skills with time. The more you write the more your skills will be enhanced. Here are some tips that will help you improvise your writing skills.

  • When you start writing stories, pen down a peculiar or out of the line experience of yours. This will help you to learn the basics of writing and enhance your expressing power. This will not use much of your imaginative skill which is next step of writing.
  • Take care of the flow of words. A reader should be able to understand what happened first and what happened last. Maintain consistency while writing.
  • Do not use too high vocabulary so that readers are not able to understand.
  • Make story in a way that every line should be able to maintain the interest of the reader.
  • Try to write a moral-based story. The after-effect of such story is great. People will remember stories for long time.
  • People can easily relate to your stories. Do not write anything which is out of the world and can never happen. Such stories are not liked by the readers.
  • Add the right spice of emotions to attract more readers.
  • Last but not the least; do not use abusive language in the stories.

So all the novice writers, time is calling you. Pick up your pen and show the power of words to the whole world. Dive deep into the sea of imagination and grab the best story and then win an amazing and relaxing trip.

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