Posted on: 25th October 2013

Apple’s iOS 7 is already out in the market and here are some of the hidden features that might pique your interest.


  • Changing your “theme”. Though it is impossible to change the theme, you can change the background to get an entirely different feel of your iOS 7. The background colours show through which are most evident on the dial pad when making a call as well as the lock screen and the passcode screen. If your eyes hurt with the bright icons, just choose the darkest still background in the settings to bring down the colours a notch or two.Apple iOS 7
  • Newsstand app within a folder. Apple’s Newsstand app is useful for finding reading materials, whether magazines, periodicals, and major news sources. You can set up subscriptions to get weekly issues. But in previous iOS versions, this app cannot be stored within a folder to save some home screen space. Since Newsstand app is already a folder to store different items, it cannot be hidden inside another folder. (Great! I have to be reminded of my indifference towards reading). With the iOS 7, you can now store the Newsstand app in a more general news folder to centralize your news sources (or not be bothered by them at all).
  • Daily quick view in Calendar app. To bring up your daily appointments and meetings at a glance, go on the top of the screen and hit the search magnifying glass.
  • Quitting multiple apps. For older iOS versions, you have to double-tap the home button and long press the app until it jiggles in order to quit apps. For iOS 7, it’s a lot quicker. Not only can you just double-tap the home screen and then upward flick the app preview thumbnail so you can close apps, but you can also use three fingers to quit three apps at the same time – with just the same swiping gesture.
  • Infinite folders. In earlier versions, you could only have a limited number of apps per folder (maximum of 16). No worries if you don’t take interest in too many apps. But if you are a game addict, you probably have folders like “Games 1” and “Games 2” to make your home screen look a bit more organized. With iOS 7, it allows you to put infinite number of apps in a folder where it can be organized into groups of nine each page. That is really some serious organized layout.
  • Making iOS 7 more vision-friendly. End-users with eyesight problems are getting some trouble reading the thin fonts with the bright background and new design. The solution is to increase contrast and switch to bold text which can be found at Settings > General > Accessibility.
  • Compass app as a digital level tool. The Compass app is very useful for outdoor lovers and adventurers. But iOS 7 has taken it to the next level by making it function as a level, especially if you don’t want your DIY home improvement projects to come out crooked. Just swipe to the left on the compass and leave it open as you finish that patio table.

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