Posted on: 18th October 2013

From time immemorial, women give birth at home. With the help of a trusted midwife and the support of a loving family, the experience of going through a labor has become more bearable and less stressful. It was only in the 20th century that hospital-based delivery has occurred. Man tried to force their rule over the natural process of giving birth, making it look like it is a necessity to be surrounded by strangers and be subject to hospital interventions. And so, women are pressured to follow the trend because they feel guilty for not giving the best possible care for themselves and the baby.

Why homebirth?

First of all, the expectant mom has developed a deep relationship with her midwife. For almost nine months, they have closely monitored the mom and the baby’s well-being together. The midwife understands her needs, calms her fears, and gives confidence in this exciting event in her life. It is something that you cannot expect to get from even the most highly trained professionals in the hospital.

Natural BirthSecondly, the woman is provided with the much needed security because she is at her own nest. She is surrounded with the familiar sounds and sights, her favorite scents and colors, and the people that gives her a reason to be braver at this wonderful moment that is about to unfold. No more hospital rules to prohibit all family members from being there beside her in her hour of need. Suddenly, she can find the strength she never knew could exist inside her.

Thirdly, the progress of the labor can be monitored carefully at home because the midwife gives her full attention to the laboring woman every step of the way. If the laboring woman feels the need to take a bite, sip a drink, or rest between contractions, she can do so without the stern look from indifferent medical practitioners who still have many other patients under their wings. Vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature and fetal heart tones are regularly checked and with utmost concern, unlike the standard procedures you will get from hospitals. And because there is minimal pressure in the environment, there is no need for any medical intrusion.

Emergency Plan for Homebirth

A midwife that is in charge of the homebirth is well-trained to apply emergency care when needs arise. She is thoroughly equipped with the important tools that are needed to stop excessive bleeding, to resuscitate the newborn, and to attend to other health complications. You can trust in her proper judgment to handle the emotional issues of the laboring woman and to determine if it is really necessary to go to the hospital.

There are instances when the homebirth process becomes a risky medical situation and that the laboring woman needs to be taken to the hospital immediately. You can trust your midwife to make the right decision to seek the help of doctors and other medical practitioners when any of the following occurs:

  • Too much hemorrhaging
  • Bad or accidental tear
  • Epidural and other narcotics are necessary
  • Fetal distress such as umbilical cord around the fetus’ neck or rate of heart beat is low
  • Mother’s blood pressure become critical
  • If complications arise due to mother’s previous or existing disease such as asthma, diabetes, or thyroid problem
  • Breech position of the baby
  • Baby’s suspected abnormalities

Then again, you have to understand that this is not a competition. Your baby’s safe delivery is your topmost priority so you have to weigh the pros and cons of both options.

These kinds of medical situations, among others, will be discussed by your midwife during the pregnancy period. If you have 100% trust to your midwife, then you can count on her to do the right thing at the right moment.

Still, homebirth is a privilege that a laboring woman has to enjoy; a right that should be exercised; and a natural life process that should be joyfully experienced.

Have a talk with your midwife today. Discuss your medical history, the birth plan, and your choice for homebirth. Prepare an emergency plan just in case it is necessary to seek medical intervention from the hospital. Be properly educated and you would find that spiritual trust and strength in the wonderful benefits of giving birth at the comforts of your own home.


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