Posted on: 21st August 2014

Competition!! Let’s win it!!

One can win many prizes by participating in numerous competitions such as photography, creative writing, slogan writing, poetry, and art contests.  Apart from these types of competitions you can also join in sweepstakes and Facebook competitions.

The rewards that you can get by winning various competitions are cash prizes, cars, trip to some exotic place, designer clothes, free movie tickets, watches etc. The list is endless but to win the various types of competitions is only possible if you know the tips and tricks that can make you a winner. Remember it’s not just the luck that can make you a winner but your efforts and knowledge also play a major role when you enter in any type of competition.

Winning any category of competition is just a step away if you keep in mind the following tips before participating in any type of competition:

Know your strengths

Win CompetitionsThis is the first thing to keep in mind before entering into any category of competition. You must know what your strengths are. For example, if you are good in writing then you must participate in writing contests, if you have an interest in photography and you know the trick of capturing various moments in a picture then you must enter into photography competitions. If you know the area in which you have an expertise then probably there are chances that you can win that competition.

Get well-versed with the brand if you are entering into a company’s competition

Many companies and brands conduct competitions on social networking websites such as Facebook and they also conduct these competitions at their respective websites and sometimes these competitions also appear in newspapers and magazines. The consumers are the participants in such type of competitions. For example, if you are taking part in a brand’s competition that sells watches then you must get educate yourself about the brand’s details such as the slogan they use, their logo, the celebrity that is advertising their product etc. If you have the knowledge about the brand then many chances are there that you can win the competition.

Must take consultation from an expert if participating in writing and art contests

The competitions such as writing, photography, art and design contests are theme based contests. You can win these competitions if you have the creativity in expressing and portraying your ideas. If you show your work to an expert before entering into such sorts of contest then you will get to know about you weaknesses in advance. You can make changes into your work and then enter into a competition.

Keep yourself updated with General Knowledge and current affairs

If you are participating in a competition that tests the participants’ general knowledge and current affairs knowledge then you must keep yourself updated with it. Winning the competitions such as quiz that tests the participants’ knowledge can be possible by reading various general knowledge magazines and watching news regularly.

Know the procedure of entering into any competition

This is the key point while entering into any competition. You must know the procedure of entering into any competition. Get yourself updated with the starting date and ending date of the competition. You must also check that how many times you can enter into a competition.

Entering into lucky draw types of contests

When you enter this type of competition luck plays a major role into it. Still you can make an effort by entering into such types of competition. Your timing can help you win the competitions.

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