The Most Popular Photo Competition Themes

Posted on: 7th March 2013

Photo CompetitionPhoto competitions not only offer prizes: they offer prestige. Competition Crazy lists some of the best photo competitions across Australia that offer prizes, money, vacations and awesome surprises.  When you enter competitions, look for ones that follow popular themes. This will help you to find and snap images of excellent quality.


Popular photo competition themes include black and white photos, flowers, children, animals, architecture, happiness, strange images, and colours.


When searching for that competition winning photo you will need to have a sharp eye and a camera that freezes beauty in time. One of the best places to snap award winning photos is at the fair. Fairs are a melting pot of culture, as people from across Australia meet in a single location and delight in the fun atmosphere. At a fair you can find subjects that fit in with popular photo competition themes, for example: organic food, arts and crafts, animal exhibits, children, and the elderly. Depending on the season, different opportunities present themselves for captivating photos.


Taking a prize winning photo is easier than you think. Many photographers will tell you that luck has a lot to do with photography; of course, there are many times when lady luck is limited. If that’s the case, you will need to rely on your own sharp eye for detail to snap images that show off hidden beauty.


When you have decided on a theme, and which photography contest to enter, your next big move is to know the rules of the competition. Knowing the rules will stop you from being disqualified: plus you will know all the requirements regarding file size and how many photos to enter. Many themed competitions only allow you to enter a single photo. Some contests that charge an entrance fee will let you enter several photos, but be careful of these as the organisers are usually out for profit.


Stick to the rules but not the norms. When you enter a photo competition sticking to the rules will ensure that your entry is not disqualified, but striking images that provide inspiration, shock and awe will provide a win.

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