The Best Electronic Prizes From Online Competitions

Posted on: 15th June 2013

Some of the most valuable tools are social networking sites like Google Plus, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook as they can help you tell with a little inspection. Knowing what offers are legitimate takes a little bit of research and a lot of common sense, but there is no reason the average savvy internet user cannot walk away with an iPad, iPhone or laptop after all is said and done.

Why do companies give away these cool stuff especially if it has a high market value?

Simple. They do it as part of their market research. It is easier to attract people that way – especially when there are hot gadgets as freebies – than randomly selecting participants from an internet directory. And if you become one of the lucky receivers, all you need to give them in exchange for that gadget of yours is your honest review or comment about the functionality or efficiency of the equipment.
And if you happen to love the way that smartphone or tablet or LCD TV has changed your life for the better, companies get instant credibility for their brand which entices new consumers and ensures loyalty from existing customers.

Best Electronic PrizesThe targeted audience is more or less evenly distributed among different demographics and that way the companies really take advantage of the savvy internet user’s opinions. There is however a catch. It doesn’t involve users paying for anything as expensive as the devices may be, but it may involve becoming enrolled in a couple offers leading to acquiring the device, filling out a survey or posting about the offer via Twitter or Facebook. But since you’re already active in these social networking sites, it really isn’t much of a hassle for you, right?

Where do I start?

When it comes to the best electronic prizes, Google can be your best friend and worst enemy. Results are often hit and miss when it comes to finding legit offers. For example, searching for “Free iPhone 4S” may result in a legit giveaway towards the bottom of the first page while spam and shady sites reside at the top. A good tip is to use the sidebar to refine your search so that only results that are no more than a week old show.

Take a minute or two each day to scan social networking sites for giveaways and prizes, especially Twitter. Companies love to use Twitter to help promote their giveaways, ideally hoping for a “viral effect” to take place. Again, remember to watch for fakes, as mentioned above.

How often can I find these offers?

Right now, there are literally thousands of giveaways, contests and sweepstakes giving away cool gadgets. Only the ones who actively participate are winning and it’s time you take your piece of the pie. Anything from iPads to microwave ovens is up for grabs so it’s up to you to get out there and find them.

Remember, use social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to help easily find current giveaways that haven’t ended yet. Take your time. Check out the prize before jumping the gun, only to find out that the offer probably wasn’t legit. Stay focused and determined. Make it a daily occurrence for you to spend a few minutes or even an hour each day to find and enter online competitions and prize draws. You’ll quickly find, it’s not that hard to get the best prizes with no strings attached at all.

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