The Art Of Rewriting Your Poem For A Competition – 5 Steps To Perfection

Posted on: 25th June 2014

Rewriting Your Poem For A CompetitionFor many poetry competition buffs rewriting or editing their poems is actually more fun than writing it (the first time). This is because every draft that results from rewriting has the potential to become a new poem, a new masterpiece.

Competition winners will confirm that to win, it is important that the poem be submitted to a few rewrites. This is like using fire to refine gold, or polish to enhance the value of a diamond. You want to start winning poetry competitions, you need to be ready to edit, redraft and rewrite your poem a few times.

5 Steps To Touch Perfection

The first thing you need to internalize – if you want to start winning – is that you should be prepared to edit, redraft and rewrite your poem before you end up with the final version for submission.  To get your prize winning poem, check out the following 5 steps:

  1. Choose Your Tools – many writers still use pen and paper – and that is perfectly alright, if you like this method. Yet others have adopted more high-tech methods such as PCs, laptops, tablets and so on. Choose whatever tool you find comfortable. Only remember to save each draft; you might like to go back to earlier versions and hence, you ensure that you can.
  1. Focus On The Beginning And Ending Of Your Poem – the first line and the last line; the first stanza and the last stanza – read them again, and again. Does the first line draw you in building a wish to read more? Read the last line; does it make you sigh with pleasure? Does it make you want to re-read the poem to enjoy its essence yet again? If not, work on these lines; redraft/ edit/ rewrite them.
  1. Experiment With The Tense And Person – after you write the poem, try to rewrite it in different tense; if you wrote it in the past tense, try rewriting in the present tense. See how it feels. If you wrote it in the first person, try rewriting it in the third person, or second – see how it feels. Play around and experience the change in the nuance of the poem; choose the one that stirs your emotions most violently.
  1. Read Your Poem Aloud – this is extremely important for all poems. You need to hear it aloud to feel the music in the rhythm of the verses, to test the synch between what you want to say and how it actually comes across.
  1. Squeeze It Into The Minimum Possible Length – best poems are short and powerful. Do not go on and on; keep the poem short and beautiful.

Follow these steps and you will definitely start winning many prizes with your poems.

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