Posted on: 4th September 2013

One simple winning ticket can change a life. Most of us dream of being a millionaire, thinking about how things will change, buying a bigger house, college for the kids, exotic vacations, maybe even donations to worthy causes. Checking and double checking the winning numbers, making sure that no winnings go unclaimed.
One California couple was unaware they were the lucky winners of 52 millon dollars. California gaming officials released pictures from store surveillance to locate the couple. An amusing story of lottery winners Marita and Bladmir Agnite. A California couple who purchased the winning ticket but did not claim the prize for almost a month.

Bladmir Agnite $52M Lottery WinnerBladmir Agnite checked his winning ticket, using a scanning device. Checking not once but three times, he still did not realize he was holding the proverbial golden ticket. Misunderstanding the readout, Bladmir was unaware that he was a winner. Understanding how to play and all the ways to win is crucial to claiming your winnings no matter how large or how small.

When game officials released surveillance of Marita and Bladmir purchasing the winning ticket someone else mentioned they were on television. Late one night Bladmir checked out the lottery website to find pictures of him and his wife the day they purchased the ticket. Staying abreast of current events and newsworthy moments for games you play is important and can prove rewarding.

Marita was sleeping when Bladmir woke her to share that they were wanted, by lottery officials. Once Marita confirmed the astounding news, they begin looking for the winning ticket. Looking for the ticket proved a challenge in itself with the realization that Marita had changed purses since the original purchase. Always remember where you place your ticket.

The Agnite's plan to purchase a house and pay for college for their children. While Bladmir was laid off at the time of winning, Marita plans to continue working at her nursing job. When you win the big jackpot, remember the important aspects in life.

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