Posted on: 27th August 2014

Winning a competition online is not that much tough. Recently I’ve won a prize in a competition. The journey of winning a competition could become very easy if the way of participating is right. You can win so many exciting prizes such as holiday trip, free movie tickets, jewellery, smartphones because there are many types of competitions that are taking place. I am sharing my experience and this can give you an idea on how to win numerous competitions:

  • Always keep a check on the different types of platform available for entering into competitions. There are online competitions, magazine competitions, competitions that are taking place on Television and radio, Facebook and Twitter competitions.success story
  • Take part in those competitions where you can find your interest. For example, if you have an interest in photography then you must take part in photo contests, as a writer you can showcase your talent as well as win a prize by taking part in various writing competitions.
  • Enter into as many contests as you can. This can increase your chances of winning. Regularly participate in competitions for six months and then you win a contest.
  • Whenever entering into any contest, always check that how many times you can take part in a competition.
  • Like and follow the company if taking part in Facebook and Twitter competitions. Social networking websites do also carry out various competitions; you must like the company’s page on Facebook and follow them on Twitter so that you can get news related to competitions in your news feed.
  • While taking part in art contests and writing contests try to take an expert’s advice before submitting your work. If there are defects in your work the expert will guide you on that and you can remove the defects at right time.
  • Read the procedure of entering into any contest. If you don’t know the details well then you can never win the contest.
  • Get to know about the brand if you are entering into any company’s competition. For example, a brand selling refrigerators has come out with a contest and the prize for winner is refrigerator, in such case you must get knowledge about the product and the brand also. You must know the key points such as when the brand first came in the market. This will help you in winning the contest.

Rush and enter into various competitions, you can win them.

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