Posted on: 10th April 2014

Most winners prefer that they remain anonymous when they win  a major prize and in many places this request is accepted and honored. However, there are ways to share your experience with the rest of the world even without having your names splashed across the country. If you are wondering why it is a good thing to do so, check out the following top 5 reasons and hopefully you are convinced about it:


1. Inspire People To Play And Win Big Prizes – one thing that winners do best when they tell their story is motivate and inspire people to play and win more. Most people would tell you that they started entering sweepstakes, competitions, contests after they saw/ read interviews with actual winners.

Until that time, they would NOT have really thought that winning is possible for them. Each interview acts as inspiration and confirmation that anyone can win big prizes; anyone can hope to see dreams come true.

2. Teaches “Best Practices” – interviews with winners always have a question that asks what their best strategies are. These insights help others to play and win more with lesser effort and better results. Each winner will tell you something unique that contributed to their success. Aggregate these strategies, tips and advice and you will improve your chances to win manifold.

3. Shares Valuable Advice – winners in their interviews will normally share not only what they did to win the particular big prize, but also will share their methods of finding the right contests and competitions. Each channel they share would become a new lifeline to leads and in turn, possible winnings.

4. Payback Sponsors For The Joy Of Winning – when you talk about winning, people note the sponsors and in turn will look up what they (sponsors) offer (product/ service). This is the greatest reward for the sponsors – who are looking to promote their products and build their brand.

5. Generates Good Karma – sharing your joy with others, teaching others what the best methods (in your opinion) are for winning, describing t strategies that would accelerate people’s chances to win cash and other goodies, reversing negative feelings by confirming that if you won, anyone can, and so on.


Besides all the above reasons, there is one more. A great reason why you should always tell your story is that it will provide a means of extra income for thousands and thousands of people who read it and get motivated to start entering sweepstakes and contests.

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