Taking Pictures During the Holidays

Posted on: 18th October 2013

Getting ready for your next holiday getaway? Don’t forget your camera to capture all the great memories. Maximise all the excitement and wonderful experiences by following these simple photography tips during your vacation.

1. Preparation is the key.

• Always bring extra sets of charged batteries or battery charger, adapter, and converter.
• Make sure your memory card has a large gigabyte capacity to accommodate all the images.
• Set your camera to its highest quality and image resolution.
• Take as many practice shots as possible before doing the actual photo shoo to determine the best angle or background scenery.

Holidays Photos

2. Determine a photo theme.

• Vivid shots are best achieved by zooming in your camera even if the subject is not that near.
• Compress all people together but have them in a relaxed position so you can get a great-looking group photo.
• Candid shots are hilarious, endearing, or downright funny. Be on constant alert so you can take pictures when people around you least expect it.
• Take pictures within eye level unless you have the skills of a pro. If your subjects are children or small animals, try to bend or kneel.
• Take more than one picture of favourite scenery. This way, you have plenty of options when it is time to edit it.
• Check the background. A potentially awesome image can be ruined by a busy background or an unexpected action from behind.
• Use a self-timer mode so you can multitask as a photographer and as one of the subjects as well. If you can ask someone to take your picture instead, let him or her be aware of the function of the two-step shutter button.

3. Attention to detail is required when taking indoor pictures.

• Do not use the flash if you want to capture the radiant glow of lights and candles.
• Keep yourself steady by using a tripod. This will prevent any blurry or hazy images.
• Use a backlighting scene mode if there is no light coming from behind you when taking foreground photos.
• Set the white balance mode to acquire the kind of lighting you want.

4. Utilize with care your camera’s built-in flash.

• Stay within the flash range to get the best quality.
• It is best to use new batteries (or fully charged) when doing flash photography.
• Have your subjects stand in the most illuminated spot of the room to prevent red eye. Or, you can also ask them not to look directly at the camera. This can also lend the picture a dramatic effect.
• Avoid shiny surfaces because the reflected light can ruin the shoot.

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