Taking Pictures During Thanksgiving

Posted on: 17th October 2013


Everyone looks forward to Thanksgiving because it is a great excuse to glam it all up and take memorable pictures together with family and friends. If you are the official (or unofficial) Thanksgiving photographer, you can get amazing images even if you are not one of he pros just by remembering these tips:

• Your subject. It is important to frame your subject properly in the viewfinder. Make sure that the background is suitable for the subject and won’t take too much attention.

•Capturing at a higher angle than just eye level. Focus on people and not just the great party accessories and the ubiquitous turkey. A perfect shot is taken at an angle that is higher than the eye level of the tallest person around.

• Creativity. Ask for the cooperation of your subject matter so you can get as many good shots as possible. Kindly request them to sit or stand on specific spots around the room and make sure everyone gets his or her turn. Candid shots are always fun and endearing so just have fun with your love ones around even while you are embarking on an important activity. Always be alert because you will never know when there is a great shot that needs to be taken.Thanksgiving Photos

• Room lighting. Since most Thanksgiving celebration are held indoors, it is essential to have ample lighting within the room. You can also set the white balance mode to complement the source of light. By selecting the camera’s sensitive mode, it allows you to get sharp and crisp looking images. Nevertheless, all that sunshine might be enough to provide the level of illumination you need so all you have to do is just push the entire curtain and open the windows.

• Using the built-in flash mode. Do not go beyond your camera’s minimum or maximum flash range. Moreover, if there are reflective surfaces, avoid that. And make sure your batteries are always new or fully charged to help recycle the flash mode faster.

• Joining all the festivities. As the official (or unofficial) photographer, don’t let yourself be too immersed with your photo duties. Cameras these days have already built-in self-timer mode so you won’t be left behind for all those amazing shots. And you’d be proud of yourself that you can multitask! Use a tripod to prevent camera shake and then flash on those pearly whites. Enjoy Thanksgiving!

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