Taking Pictures During School Plays

Posted on: 17th October 2013


Your child’s performance on stage is something you would treasure forever. Get clear and fabulous shots by following these simple photography tips.

  1. Be on location as early as you can. Check the exact time the school play will begin. By going there earlier than the scheduled time, you can evaluate the size, lighting, and other aspects of the location.
  2. Make sure you are sitting near the stage. This would be the perfect spot to take shots of your child. If you sit far from the stage, you cannot avoid having many passers-by that can ruin your pictures.
  3. If you cannot get a seat in front, the next possible positions to take great shots are at the side of the stage or at the back of the audience. You can still capture the best part of your child’s performances without being a hindrance to the other visitors.School Play Pictures
  4. Prevent camera shake by bringing your trusted tripod. Even if your camera is small, your arms might still be weary from taking shots especially if the performance is longer than just half an hour. If your camera has a viewfinder, it is best to use it rather than the LCD.
  5. Lock focus and exposure by pre-focusing your camera. You can easily do this just by depressing the shutter release button halfway. Afterwards, you can fully depress the click button.
  6. Do not use the flash mode. It will just be useless especially when you are out of the maximum flash range of the camera. Besides, event organizers might not allow you to do so. Do not insist in using one because you don’t want to embarrass your child or worse, get kicked out during the performance.
  7. Select optical zoom rather than the digital zoom. You can just crop pictures when you edit them.
  8. Use spot meter mode when there are many stage lights focused on your child. Recompose first then lock exposure on or near the brightest area. You can click away afterwards.
  9. Get clear and crisp shots by adjusting the white balance setting of your camera.
  10. Take as many pictures as you can. It will give you many options later on when you edit them. You want to maximize the opportunity so just enjoy every minute of taking shots of your child’s performance.

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