Taking Great Portraits Using Your Smart Phone

Posted on: 21st August 2013

Using a Smart Phone has changed the lives of millions of Australians. Much of this is due to the expanded world it has opened up for its users. In addition to the amazing clarity and ease of using these phones, users also have an ability to surf the web, pay bills, transfer money, get coupons, the weather, the news and of course take pictures.

Taking Portraits Using Smart PhonesIn fact, Smart Phones allow users to take wonderful photographs of almost anything and everything with ease. For people who love photography, having a Smart Phone allows for on the spot great shots of almost anything. For portraits, the Smart Phone can be a great tool because it allows a great deal of diversity in motion for the photographer and great shots can be taken on almost any spur of the moment location and occasion. This is a wonderful thing as most people who take photos don't carry a camera everywhere they go, but they can easily and readily take a Smart Phone.

In many cases the clarity of a Smart Phone is great as long as the photo is taken with a little extra effort to ensure a quality portrait shot. This is no different than the time and effort it takes for any portrait to come out good. The number one concern for portraits on the Smart Phone is lighting and zoom.

It should be noted that Smart Phones do have several limitations with taking photos. First, night shots are more difficult on the Smart Phone and pixelations must be contained when taking photos in the daylight. As with any camera taking photos facing away from the sunlight is important to preserve the caliper of the photo. In addition, close up shots should be analyzed for photo integrity. Usually, a small imaging increase can work well with a Smart Phone, but too much of a close up zoom shot will not work well with a portrait photo.

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