Take Winning Photographs – How To Photograph Like A Pro

Posted on: 12th February 2014

Photography is a great hobby; one that can fill you with immense pleasure. Contrary to common belief, anyone can take photographs like a pro today as the digital cameras can work like a super assistant telling you how to do stuff to get the best of your camera. Here are 10 tips that will help you take award winning photos:

  1. Pay Attention To The Background -  while it might not be always possible to choose the best background for your subject, it is important that you make the effort. Keep the clutter to the minimum so the focus will indeed be on your subject.
  2. One Subject, One Frame – when you shoot a subject, try filling the whole frame with it. In this way, you would eliminate all other details that will interfere with the subject. Sometimes, other things in the frame would be good to highlight the subject. In such a case, allow other stuff in the frame.
  3. Be Super Creative – do not be satisfied with run-of-the-mill photograph angles. Look at all possible angles; sometimes the best photographs are those which are taken at an unusual angle, in an unusual light,  against an unusual background, etc.
  4. Show Your Subject In A Scale – comparing your subject by size, color, texture, looks, etc. can make a very dramatic photograph. Try bringing in scale by forcing a to-scale comparison in the photograph.
  5. Don’t Put Your Camera Away In Bad Weather – rain, stormy weather, too sunny, too cloudy weather can help you get some mind-blowing photographs. Always have your camera ready with you. Take photograph of anything that looks interesting to you, use different angles and never be shy to try out a new idea.
  6. Compose Your Photograph – a great photograph is like a Mozart symphony, i.e. perfectly orchestrated. Try composing your photograph like a painting. Get the best elements into the frame, elements which highlight the characteristics you want highlighted in your subject.
  7. Pay Attention To Speed – if you are shooting a moving subject, pay attention to the speed with which your shutter falls. For excellent photos in movement use the burst mode. It is also best to have a tripod for steadying your arm.
  8. Shoot At Highest Megapixel Level Of Your Camera – if you are planning to enter any type of contest, ensure that your photograph in minimum 5 MP; the higher, the better.
  9. Know Your Camera – to take great snaps, you need to know what your camera can do. Take time and do some research on the functions of your camera.

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