Posted on: 20th April 2014

Heard of interview etiquette, telephone etiquette, hospitality etiquette – but what is “sweepstakes etiquette”? What does this term imply? As a sweepstakes fan you should know that there are many rules, albeit unwritten that you should follow if you want to call yourself a courteous contestant for sweepstakes, contests and competitions. Here are some of the most important you need to know and practice:


  1. Answer Surveys From Sponsors – since sponsors are trying to build their brand and awareness about their products, they often will ask you for a few minutes of your time to fill in a tiny survey regarding any particular product. Take out time and fill in the survey; this will help your sponsors to gain important feedback and improve their services/ products.
  1. Visit The Website Of The Sponsor And Spend Some Time There – get on the website of the sponsor and find out what it is all about. Sometimes, you may find the website very interesting and be able to buy stuff from there. All sponsors hope that contests and sweepstakes will bring them more business. Hence, if you would buy any of the products elsewhere, try buy instead from these sponsor’s site.
  1. If Something Goes Wrong, Exhibit Patience And Maturity In Your Behavior – there would be times when the wrong prize would be awarded; or there would be defects in the prize; wrong announcement made and so on. Things do go wrong; mistakes happen. If you find yourself in the position where the sponsors have committed some mistake – be polite when asking redressal and patient until they rectify the problem. It is in terrible bad taste to rant and insult the sponsors when something goes wrong about the prize or its delivery.
  1. Give The Contest/ Sweepstake’s Sponsor A Brief Thanks – everybody loves appreciation. Take a few seconds from your busy schedule and drop a ‘thank you for this wonderful sweepstake’ to the sponsors. They would love you and love the note as well.
  1. Do Not Demand Extras – you want to bring your spouse on this trip you won? You want an upgrade to the hotel? You want cash instead of the car you just won? There are many things that you would want, but not always get. When you do not get what you want, or better put – when you want something extra, approach your sponsors for help. Demanding things would not take you too far; plus, it would bad blood for all concerned. Sometimes, a polite request can work wonders.


Knowing about and following the sweepstakes etiquette will ensure that you stay happy and make all around you happy as well. Besides, you will also attract good vibes and good luck and hence, win more and better prizes.

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