Suicide Is NOT The Solution – Gambling Addiction Can Be Treated

Posted on: 15th September 2014

Gambling always starts as a harmless pastime that is lots of fun. Most people indulge in it once in a while on vacations or in their free time online. Yet others become addicted to it and gradually become slave to this habit. For a gambling addict, winning is always one game away. The belief is so strong that you just cannot stop playing. Unless this compulsion is checked, it leads to financial ruin.

You Want To Stop But Cannot – Suicide Seems The Only Way Out

Many gambling addicts realize that they are having a massive problem and want to get rid of the addiction. However, when they want to stop they find it almost impossible. Like any compulsive disorder the gambling habit is very difficult to resist and eliminate.
With every day that passes when you find yourself enmeshed in debts, often having lost your job and the trust of your friends and even family, you find yourself going deeper and deeper into depression. Depression usually paints the world in black; you need to remind yourself that the world is not black. There is always a way out, if you make up your mind to find it.

When you find that there is nowhere to turn, have no money and no hope, it is easy to assume that suicide is the only way out. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Suicide is NOT a solution at all.

Gambling AddictionGambling Addiction Can Be Treated And You Can Get Your Life Back

No matter how far gone you are in debts and relationship problems, you can claim back your life. Follow these steps firmly and very soon you will have chapter behind you:

  1. Enlist The Help Of Someone You Trust – a friend, a family member, a professional gambling addiction counselor.  You will need someone to encourage and support you to get rid of this habit.
  1. Hand Over The Management Of Your Finances – get a trusted person handle all your payments and money transactions. In this way, you would not be able to squander any more money on gambling.
  1. Get Busy – fill your day with a tight schedule. Work, work and work; whatever free time you have, spend it with your friend/ family member. If you are busy you would not think of gambling nor have time to indulge in it.
  1. Avail Of Professional Therapy And Counseling – this is a serious addiction which requires professional help. Get the right kind of help; a professional therapist will make your task easier and help you overcome this habit quicker.
  1. Stay Away From Any Place Of Person Who Can Pull You Into Gambling – stay away from friends who are compulsive gamblers. Stay away from casinos, sport games/ parties (where betting is common), race tracks, and so on.

Believe in yourself, and what is most important forgive yourself. You can overcome gambling and you will be stronger and wiser for this trial in your life.

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