Succeed In Online Competition Using Your Talent And Skill

Posted on: 10th June 2014

There are a couple of types of online competitions, both are rewarding and fun, and need a lot of patience, practice and experience to get better and to polish one’s craft.

The more common type of online competition uses pure chance. This is the type were they usually choose the winner by picking or drawing from all the entries of participants that joined the contest.  While the other type requires a person’s talent and skill, this is the most challenging and daunting but also the most satisfying and rewarding competition you can find in the internet.  Short story, comedy, poetry writing, short film, song writing and photography contests need your talents and skills.
It is the judges that decide who the winner is. Judging will be based on the criteria set by the organizers and sponsors, these parameters will guide the judges to determine whose best creation amongst the best of the hundreds of entries that were submitted in the competition. This is why it is very important that participants always read, understand, follow and adhere to the rules from start to finish, because they might suffer a painful realization that their beautiful work just never had a chance because they never read the rules. Many entries just usually do not get through to the first stage of elimination simply because they were disqualified since they did not follow the requirements and rules of the contest.

Talent And Skill Online CompetitionBefore joining let us say, a writing competition, it is not enough that you have a great title, catchy story line, a wonderful plot, very interesting characters and tear dropping ending that you think would surely catch the attention of the judges. You must also have the skills that are needed and know all the necessary technical requirements to put your work together into a finely crafted story.

Please, before sending your entry, make sure that it is perfect. Proof read, proof read, proof reading is a must. Make sure you go over all the corrections that are needed, correct your grammar, your tense, etc.  And read your work aloud so you will know how it sounds. And does your story sound weak, strong or powerful?

Yes! It is so daunting, but it is what any judge will expect, that the participants present their best work.

This is exactly why there are fewer entries in these kinds of competitions. Don’t lose heart since knowing all this is could actually be an advantage for you because it increases your chances in the long run. Try to join competitions that also critique your work. You will learn a lot from their comments and advice. I hope you are beginning to get where I am going with this? Every time you join a competition, do not be too disappointed when you do not win the prize. Please try not to feel this way, if writing is your real passion, continue to develop your skills and hone your talents. The prize should not be the only thing you should be after or some recognition you longed for. Every time you join a competition, it is the experience that you gain and learn that should always mean much more and should be worth a lot more to you than the top prize.

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