Posted on: 1st September 2013

As the rest of the world was ringing in 2012 like every other year, Billy and Ira Santoso were celebrating the fact that they had just won Australia's New Year's Eve Megadraw. This $31 million AUD jackpot would ultimately go to 31 different winners. This left nearly one million AUD for each winner. The Santosos would also need to split there million dollar winnings with the eight others who joined in their pool.
You see, Billy and Ira Santoso own a convenience store in Perth, Australia. They often go together with some of their regular customers to play the lottery, as was the case on New Year's Eve. Ten of them, including both Billy and Ira, joined together for a chance to win the New Year's Eve Megadraw. The Santoso enjoy joining with their customers to have fun playing together, and they are even more ecstatic now that they have won.

Billy and Ira Santoso Lottery WinnerSince both Billy and Ira joined into the pool, they won 20% of the $968,750 winnings, totally $193,750 combined. The Santosos plan to use their winnings to pay on the mortgage, take a much needed vacation, and invest in their store. They plan to continue joining with their customers in playing the lottery in hope of being lottery winners again.

You have to hand it to Billy and Ira for going public with their story. In Australia lottery winners are allowed to remain anonymous if the want to. But not the Santosos, they decided to go public and let the world know they won. Perhaps this has a lot to drawing customers to their store, but whatever the reason, it is always nice to hear a about winners in Australia.

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