Staying On Budget While Holidaying In Amsterdam

Posted on: 21st September 2014

Everything other than cheese, flowers and wine seems to be more expensive in Amsterdam as compared to an American city. Although it is an expensive place to travel to, there are some things you can indulge in while staying on a budget.


The cultural season prevails all year long except for July-August. Throughout this time, there are free concerts at lunch-time which you can enjoy.

On Tuesdays, you can see classical performances in the Muziekgebouw and the Muziktheater in the afternoon. On Wednesdays, you can see the same performances at the same time in Concertgebouw.
You are advised to arrive at the place of performance a little before the show is scheduled to start so as to make sure you get a seat. The Conservatorium van Amsterdam as well as various other churches hold recitals; although they are not much in demand, they are a lovely way to spend your time, while waiting for the classical show to start.

Holidaying In AmsterdamCultural Spots

There is a glassed-in corridor, called the Schuttersgalerii, which is located outside the Amsterdam Museum. You can linger about in it while fifteen Golden Age paintings look down at you.

The 35 kilometers of records in the Amsterdam City Archives deserves a visit even if you are not searching for your Dutch ancestors. If you are a lover of history, you will definitely enjoy looking through the archives.

There are artificats and ephemera displayed throughout the premises which you can see and learn more about the history of the city.

The HollandscheSchouwburg (the Dutch Theatre) requires a small donation of two and a half euros for entrance. It is a war memorial which commemorates the Jews who died during the Second World War. Originally, the building was a theatre as can be seen from the name. But later on, it became a centre of deportation for Jews. A visit to this theatre will help you learn about Amsterdam’s dark patches.


Behind the Central Station, you can find ferries offering a free ride. Hop on to them to really get to know the local people and traditions. Another way of appreciating Amsterdam’s waterways is to go on a guided cruise, which is sure to give you a fine experience.

There are three main ways which the commuters can use to move between the borough of Noord and the centre of the city: walking, cycling and boating. You can travel from the city centre by riding a boat over the lake, IJ, which connects it to the North Sea.

With boats that are abandoned and graffiti scrawled all over, the NDSM-werf resembles a movie set. Using this line takes the longest time that is fourteen minutes. It leaves every quarter of an hour on weekdays and every thirty minutes on weekends. If you have the time, get off and explore the ancient surroundings of the wharf; you will find art studios, offices, freight cars, sea vessels and other equipment.

Connect with nature

If you are seeking a quiet moment, Amsterdam’s parks are an ideal place for a walk or simply for sitting and meditating. Visitors like to visit the Vondelpark which has a central location and has its personal sculpture of Picasso. For adults who wish to exercise, the jungle gym of Saphartipark is an ideal choice.

AmsterdamseBos is a man-made forest in the city, which is a haven for cyclists, kayakers and walkers. If you do not feel like engaging in an activity, you can just sit in solitude and enjoy the nature surrounding you. And if you are up for a party, you can go picnicking with your friends or family to the forest. So if you are on a budget - do not worry – there are plenty of free treats you can indulge in while holidaying in Amsterdam.

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