Posted on: 26th June 2014

If you are a marketer, you have to deal with all sorts of things and activities for your business to survive this very tough and competitive world of online competition. And one of the major activities is promoting your competition to your target audience. You have to deal with a section of the online population that are interested and will be inclined to join your competition. First, you have the task to get their attention, then get them to visit your site, next get them interested enough to join, or satisfied enough to be a member and happy enough to make them keep coming back.
But in a few cases, the desire of a marketer to get ahead of the game lead them to make the mistake of sourcing the email addresses of what they believe to be potential clients using unscrupulous means and ending up annoying people. By sending unwelcome emails to people that do not want any online competition, they are tarnishing the business.

Try to develop your own strategy on how to capture your target audience by getting their attention, their interest to join, membership and loyalty. And at the same time you also need to monitor your online competitors as inputs for a better strategy of your own. The latest online trend, their strategies and mistakes, what works and what does not.  You will be able to paint a better picture to formulate a better strategy, what you can improve on, what things to do, what will work for you, and what will make it easy and fun for you and your followers.

Monitoring Your Australian Online CompetitionKeywords

Getting the attention of your target audience to open and read your email first is the primary goal. Using the right keywords, tag lines and subject line can spell the difference for your email to rise above from an individual’s sea of email in an already over flowing inbox from your competitors. Take a look at your competitor’s subject line. Check them out and study them, you will get an idea of their strategy, and you will see what is working for them and what is not.   Basically competitors are concentrating on products and prizes in their subject line. May we suggest to build-up a really good name and reputation. Adding a very good and reputable business name in the subject line could be what many are just looking for. Make a name for yourself as a dependable online Australian marketer provider.

Read Rate/ Open rate

Ok you got their attention! Make sure your message is easy to read, clear, concise, and easy to understand. Peek at your competitor’s strategy, assess, see if they are doing something different, adapt those that work and avoid anything they are doing wrong. Like frequently sending email in bulk, it ends up turning off many people. And basically it depends on which email streams will work on your target audience. Take note which is the most effective and use it.


It is the most important and crucial part, it is the face and image of what you are trying to project and how you are to reach your audience. It is not only the message in the text but also the message in the graphics, how it appears to someone looking at it. How inviting it is.  Compare with your Australian competitors, their strategies and pattern, how they personalize their page, the balance, the length, ads segments. Your graphics, how exciting or whatever you want it to do also depend on your target audience.


Knowing the number of times or how frequent your competitors send their emails, their success rate, and their failure rates helps you develop you own strategy.  Many times other marketers cannot help themselves and keep sending unwelcome emails to annoyed individuals and end up losing more customers than gaining them.

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