Some Myths About Win Free Stuff

Posted on: 19th July 2013

The word “Free” is a powerful word. Companies use “free” to allure customers. “By one get one free”, “Winn this free vacation at a spa resort if you lose weight”, “If you spend $300 dollars on our products, you will receive free gift worth $50 dollars”. Everybody wants to win free stuff. When we get free stuff, we feel satisfied, as if we won an exclusive prize ( ). However, it seems that there is always some limitation attached to the free stuff. So, is there truly free stuff, with no strings attached?

You can win all sorts of free stuff, from baby supplies, to beauty products, food samples, magazines, jewelry, and even electronic devices. In order to win free stuff you will have to fill out lengthy questionnaire about your personal life. Or you will have to refer a friend, who in turn will also have to participate. The key word here is “to win”; meaning that by participating, your name will be entered in a giveaway, and will compete with others for the prize. You may or may not win the free gift, but you will definitely start receiving spam in your e-mail account, and junk mail in your mail box.

Free Stuff To WinOften the free stuff comes with the fine print. You should always read it, because you may end up with a subscription to a magazine that you never wanted, or a charge on your credit card for a product that you do not need.

Trial samples are example of truly free stuff with no strings attached. Many companies offer them, hoping to hook up the customers to their product. Such approach is actually, an excellent advertisement tool. It costs them pennies to give away a DVD, a cream, a razor blade, or a can of pet food, compared to thousands of dollars needed to make a commercial, and have it running on TV.

Where to find free stuff? There are many websites that proved a list of links offering free stuff, giveaways and sweepstakes. These offers do end up quickly, therefore you should visit them regularly.

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