So Your Bored? Have a Movie Day!

Posted on: 1st August 2013

Are you looking for a list of good movies to watch when bored? How about a little bit of variety to keep you interested? Try this remedy for a weekend malaise.

Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny

You can never go wrong with Jack Black. With awesome music, dirty jokes, and hilarious antics, this is a wonderful way to start your movie day. Many people who've seen this movie before don't even mind rewatching it, making it a good pick.

Movie DayCabin in the Woods

Want to watch something scary, yet thought provoking? You're going to like the next movie. Cabin in the Woods is a horror movie wrapped in a sci-fi movie, wrapped in a blanket of awesome. This movie is a great pick because it is more than it appears on the surface, and rapidly goes from cliche slasher film, to the best movie you've seen all year.

Tai Chi Zero

A classic Kung Fu movie meets as steam punk wonderland in this epic martial arts adventure. Witty, fun, and filled with excellent special effects this is a great movie to take a break with after Cabin in the Woods.

Time to Wrap it Up

Getting sleepy eh? Want to end this night of good movies to watch when bored with frights or a comedy surprise?

If you chose frights, try Grave Encounters. It has a slow beginning, but it will follow you home and make you sleep with the lights on. This is a great choice for you adrenaline junkies.

If you chose laughter, pick up Bridesmaids. Many guys will be turned away by the idea at first, but trust in your movie guru, this movie will make you hurt from the laughter. You might not want to watch in the company of the squeamish.

You are probably pretty exhausted now, get some sleep already.

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