So You Managed to Win an iPhone: Wanna Know How to Use it?

Posted on: 6th May 2013


What makes the iPhone special? Well, we all know about its simple elegance and class. In addition to the simple to understand, and much imitated, homescreen layout there are plenty of tips and tricks to get the best out of your iPhone. You’ll soon realise why its the preferred handset of millions of people.


One of the special features of the iPhone is tapping to scroll to the top


We all know how annoying it is when you're at the end of a long webpage and need to get back at the top. The iPhone helps avoid repetitive strain injury in your finger. All you need to do is tap the top of the screen it will magically scroll all the way back to the top.


Tap the home screen two times and swipe for quick controls


Most people don’t know about this awesome little feature. If you’re already in an app, or on the phone to your other half, and you really want to check your emails, you don’t have to exit and go to the home page to do so. Just tap the home button twice, and a small menu with your apps will appear at the bottom. You can scroll through them quickly and easily, with minimal disturbance.


Tap two times to lock the music controls


For quick access to your music controls when your iPhone is locked, double tap the home button. As above, it won’t interrupt your audio app.


Take a panoramic shot


The iOS 6 comes with a camera app that lets you take a panorama from any direction.. Usually you need to move the camera from right to left to capture a panorama, but by tapping the arrow on the screen you can reverse the direction.

Win an iPhone

Attach a video or photo to your email


It’s taken them five years, but apple has finally decided it might be useful for people to attach videos and photos directly using the mail app. All you need to do is tap hold anywhere in the body of the message, and a small pop up box will appear. The option to insert a video or photo will come up next.


There are many more features that make the iPhone perhaps the best smartphone on the market: what makes the iPhone special to you?

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