Simple Ways To Increase Your Odds Of Winning The Lotto

Posted on: 14th September 2013

People say that baseball is Americas pastime but I would have to disagree. The true backbone of this country is built around gambling. Whether it be betting your home on the San Francisco gold rush in the 1800s or trying to establish a home on the frontier before the West was won. Fortunately for us modern folks there is still reward out there just not surrounded by so much risk. The lottery. The mega millions.

For those that play the it's just a fun way to waste a few bucks. You'd never win, right? Well, that's what every lottery winner believed at one point. In order to win at this game you have to play and, past that, you have to play with a strategy. Though the lottery is almost entirely about luck, there is still enough skill involved to sway the outcome.

Winning LottoA little trick I learned from collecting trading cards works in relation to scratch off tickets. Always buy a bunch of the same ticket. Spreading out your purchase may seem like a better bet but odds are you are more likely to find a winner by going in rows rather than spreading. And, really, you only need one winner.
Another great way to find that financial fame is to join in office pools or collections with friends. Many winners we see nowadays were part of a weekly purchase put together at the office. For $5 a week the chance for millions is worth it. Skip a cup of coffee from the store and you've already equalized that cash without risking any of your own. Besides, the camaraderie involved in that tense few moments of scratching tickets or watching balls fly around in a machine is worth it for the adrenaline junkies like me.

So as you can see there are quite a few little ways to increase your odds of winning the lotto. It's important not to go overboard or spend more than you can afford but playing the lotto doesn't have to break the bank or mess up your life. Buy a ticket and have fun.

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