Simple Strategies to Win Online Competitions

Posted on: 20th June 2013

Winning an online competition is not an impossible task. Take a look at this valuable information about how to increase your chances at becoming one of the lucky winners.

  1. The internet has a wealth of legitimate contests, sweepstakes, and prize draws every day. Sites are willing to give away fabulous items such as cash, vacations, houses, cars, electronic equipment, cameras and much, much more to anyone who is just willing to exert a little amount of time and effort to complete the simple tasks/requirements needed to qualify. You won’t run out of competitions to join into – whether you want to be part of it all or be selective about where you would like to enter.Win Online Competitions
  1. Use your talents when joining online competitions. Don’t just focus on chance-based contests. Determine your skill or passion and use that to your advantage. Whether you have a knack for writing, cooking, photography, or painting – you can use it to win prizes at online contests. These types of competitions also have fewer entrants because of the specific requirement that not everyone has.
  2. Follow directions precisely. If the instructions say to provide your full name in print, then do exactly as you are told. The slightest variation can disqualify you so this is not the time to be presumptuous, rash, or creative.
  3. Stay informed. Valuable information to keep is the closing date of the competition, the website where you can obtain a list of winners, and how long it will take for the promoter to contact you after the drawing date.
  4. Make multiple entries if possible. The more entries you send in, the more you make the odds in your favour.
  5. Be selective about the competitions you are joining with. It might be in contrast with the preceding rule, but this can also do you good. Remember that you must pay taxes on the items that you win. So make sure the prizes are appropriate for you. Some of the contests offer cash equivalents if you cannot make use of the winning items.
  6. Find more competitions through online forums and discussion boards. A plethora of co-operative forums offers listings of current online competitions that you might be interested in joining with. You may even find the answers to questions being freely shared here although it is best to always check answers for yourself. These forums are a great resource for all manner of hints and tips.
  7. Streamline your online entry technique. Increase your efficiency and enter more competitions in a shorter time by using automatic form filling software. Basically there are several password security type programs which will store any information you choose to input such as your name, address, email, telephone number, etc. Once you have stored it in its memory, it will automatically fill in any forms/competition entries, with all your details at the click of your mouse button. This really can save a massive amount of time and prevents the risks of mistyping your details as well. Such software will reduce the time you spend by at least a half. But of course, you have to ensure that the contests you are entering are legitimate ones because you don’t want to be a victim of identity theft and other scams.

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