Seruwaia Rao Winner of Apple iPod Touch - Early Christmas Bonus

Posted on: 4th October 2014

Seruwaia Rao’s Early Christmas Bonus

  • CRAZY CASH 7 iPod Touch
  • Open date: 08/07/2014 00:00
  • Close date: 11/08/2014 11:59
  • Draw date: 12/08/2014 10:00
  • Winner 1st Prize: Seruwaia Rao in Canterbury

For Seruwaia Rao, her husband and her wonderful kid, 2014 is the year when Christmas came to their home a little sooner.

It was a wonderful surprise to a deserving, very nice and happy family when she won the 1st prize of the monthly (July – Aug. 2014) draw of SheSaid Australia’s Crazy Cash 7. Rao won the 16GB iPod Touch which her family will surely enjoy using.

CRAZY CASH 7 iPod Touch Winner Seruwaia RaoOriginally from Fiji, Rao is living with her family in Canterbury NZ. She wondered if people can actually win this kind of competition but she still tried it anyway and joined the $15,000 Crazy Cash Competition and Great Gear Giveaway that started last 1/12/14 and ends 1/10/14.
The competition has a Grand Prize of $15,000. The monthly draws giveaway prizes such as the 16GB iPod Touch,  32” LED TV, Sony Cybershot Camera,  Nike+Fitness Watch,  Samsung Galaxy Y, Acer Chromebook,  Philips Speaker Dock, and Kindle Wifi 6” E-Ink Black.

Rao actually nearly forgot all about the contest until she won the August draw. After winning and after savouring the excitement, our winner realized that people can actually win these competitions so she sent more entries hoping to win the grand prize. She even encouraged friends and families to join.

It is very easy to join the Crazy Cash Competition. Just go to any one of the promoter websites, promoter’s mobile applications or through any website in the promoter’s partnership network and just submit the online entry form in the manner required.  Multiple entries are accepted.

This year is very lucky for Seruwaia and her family and they feel they can still get luckier. It’s now your turn to try your luck.

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