Screenplay Contest - How To Improve Your Odds Of Winning?

Posted on: 10th July 2014

It says even the brightest ideas require evolution. This means whether you are a teacher, a doctor, a scientist, or a literary enthusiast must know the skilled trade of executing thoughts and ideas. I am neither a doctor nor a scientist but a screenplay writer who thoroughly believes that along with dedication, fortitude, and time a good screenplay also longs for excellent molding and managing done with dexterity.

Innovative screenplay writing passes through every single step of creativity as well as includes the feedback of an experienced script writer about your script in terms of strength and weakness. In this way his creative options helps raise the material to the next level. For a successful screenwriting career you must offer yourself to the daunting task of ‘what come next’ especially when the following step is entering a screenplay contest.

Here below are words of wisdom and warning to heed before you participate into a contest. These steps are a sure shot roadmap of successful screenplay writing and therefore enhance your chances of winning.

Screenplay ContestKnow your audience

First and foremost step for a considerable win is to create impactful, unique stories. Your scripts should have some social message followed by huge awareness in the society. If your script is really awesome it will certainly get you win good reviews and win reputable sponsors.

Know your subject

Definitely, there are many screenplay writing categories to choose from. But you should know your forte and thus make an effort to construct only those screenplays that cater your interest. You must know that every subject can’t be your favorite so decide among comedy, action, drama, and so on to produce something meaningfully best.

Search for winners

Undeniably, your scrip should be original. But there is no harm in searching for previous years winners and get a hold of the actual winning scripts. However, this will help you compose your script tonally, conceptually or structurally similar for a better chance of placing in the competition.

Know your script

See the contest readers are often picky so better not dare to submit a first half that contains more typos than pages. To qualify for at least become a semi-finalist always remember that the script should be more professional, written in good English and need not to be lengthy.

Call a friend

Before submitting the final script, ask your friend to give a genuine feedback. However, if needed make some necessary changes instantly.

Screenplay writing is an art. It certainly requires loads of practice. But I am sure that the above-written simple words of wisdom will dramatically improve the writer in you and thus feel encouraged to participate in a screenplay contest and come out as a winner.

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