Say Hello To Our $20,000 Jackpot Winner!

Posted on: 31st March 2016

It must be pretty surreal to wake up one morning and find you have an extra $20,000 waiting for you. Well, that’s exactly what happened to our lucky competition winner Olivia Evans! A few months after she collected her winnings, we caught up with Olivia to see how her lucky windfall had changed her life.

“It took quite a while for it all to sink in. Even after the ceremonies, and getting to meet all the lovely people, and hold onto that big cheque, the whole thing still felt totally surreal,” Olivia said.

“It really only sank in when the money popped up in my bank account and I went, ‘Oh okay, wow, this is really real now.’”

As a PhD student, Olivia knows all too well the student life, and how financially taxing it can be. Years of good ol’ fashioned hard work have funded the pursuit of her dreams. Needless to say, the extra lump sum was more than a welcome relief, and allowed her to invest in something she’s needed for a long time; a brand new car.

“Winning this money has helped me a lot. I have been scrimping and saving for years; as a long term student going from an undergraduate degree straight into a PhD it is quite hard to earn any decent money,” she said.

“To have this win has meant that I didn’t have to spend all my savings to get myself the new car I needed. I don’t have to start all over again. I received it about two weeks ago now. It is still amazing to me how I came to own it. I never could have bought the one I wanted without this prize money. I feel very privileged to have had this happen and to have won this prize.”

So how did her friends and family feel about her stroke of luck? Olivia and her boyfriend kept the prize a secret, wanting to surprise them at Christmas.

“We didn’t tell many people about the prize at first. We honestly still couldn’t believe it ourselves,” said Olivia.

“They are all keen to try their luck at some competitions now too! Because you just never know!”

So why not take a leaf out of Olivia's book, and enter a competition today? You know what they say; you've got to be in it to win it!

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