Saving Money While in Australia

Posted on: 28th October 2013

Australia is not that cheap and affordable anymore. But since it still remains as one of the best places where you can get your traveller’s money’s worth, read on to find out how you can save money while on the go in the land down.

  1. Get a job. Seriously.

You’d be thankful to line up some work as you stay for your holiday stint – however short or long it may be. It’s a great head start that would allow you to enjoy all the new experiences without worrying about money shortage.

  1. Save some dough.

Saving Money While in AustraliaAfter enjoying your round the world adventure, you’d be absolutely wrong to think that once in Australia, job offers would come at your doorstep. So make sure you have kept some money back just in case you won’t find work until after a month or two.

  1. Don’t let Sydney lure you.

Sydney has it all – beauty, history, fun. But after a couple of weeks of nonstop partying, you’re in serious trouble with cash. So, if you can manage to find other Australian cities as your entry point, don’t think twice. It is less stressful on your pocket but you can still enjoy all the benefits of travelling.

  1. Go bush.

Don’t be too picky at work and you’ll reap all the profits of your willingness, endurance, and hard labour. Plus, you’d be spending less on basic needs and saving more for whatever it is you want to explore in Australia. Of course, you might not be cut for picking fruit all day in the hot sun but if you don’t mind the sunburn, then it can also lead to an extension of your working holiday visa.

  1. Be a member of YHA Australia.

It’s not just applicable to backpacker hostels. The YHA membership card lets you enjoy discounts on all stuff like pizza, bus tickets, travel gear, arts and tours, and so much more.

  1. Steer clear of pubs and bars.

Of course, how can your Australian vacation be memorable by going teetotal just so you can avoid pubs and bars from ripping you off with your precious money? Having a good time doesn’t always have to be hitting these establishments night after night. You can try to have sociable and equally exciting drinks in your apartment or hostel. You can even try having a picnic at the park where you can bring your own beverages and just spend the rest of the money on food and other stuff.

  1. Choose going the further north.

If you do so, you’ll be surprised at how good the deals are in terms of food, accommodation, and attractions. Restaurants and hostels in Queensland, for example, are cheaper, especially when business owners are fighting over clientele during off-peak season.

  1. Cook it yourself.

It’s self-explanatory but if you still don’t want to be tied up in the kitchen without starving yourself, look for BYO restaurants where there’s good food and you’re allowed to bring your own wine bottles that would complement your scrumptious food selection. But there are also a lot of food deals like food courts in the city centre and cheap Thai restaurants. Pub grub is also not that bad.

  1. Be wise about your choice of transportation.

Because getting around Australia can be quite hard on your wallet if you don’t determine right away the cheapest way to travel from one point to another. If you’re going solo, just get the Greyhound bus pass. If you’re driving a rental, make sure you are with a group of friends who can split the bill on petrol and rental costs. Don’t be fooled by campervans and caravan parks – they are ridiculously expensive.

  1. Purchase a pay-as-you-go phone.

Your mobile provider might not work while in a different country or it might not offer the lowest international rates for your communication activities. Just use calling cards to keep contact with family and friends. Otherwise, there is always free Wi-Fi service in almost all public and private establishments so you can update your Facebook wall or keep tabs on your love ones over Twitter and Instagram.

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