Save Money While Shopping for Designer Clothes

Posted on: 26th September 2013

We all have favourite brands of clothing, accessories, beauty products, and toiletries. But even of the economy is at its lowest, we can still purchase clothes from our favourite designers by taking note of these simple tips and tricks.


  1. Shop in the clearance section. Both online stores and malls have a clearance section where you can get the best deals on brand names clothes, because prices can be marked down drastically.
  2. Be patient. Waiting for deals on a certain date can help you save money while still enjoying your favourite brand. Even if the sale is 10%, the money you save will add up.
  3. Shop off-season. Buy holiday clothing gifts during January and winter clothes during summer time.
  4. Shop during the holidays. Awesome sales are everywhere to entice consumers to buy more. Just make sure that you are really getting a good deal on the items you buy.
  5. Opt for online stores with free shipping. Or, subscribe to their newsletters so you can be in the know of the free shipping deal/promotion they organize on a yearly basis.
  6. Compare prices. Don’t stick to one store if you can find a lower price on that favourite piece of clothing on another site or boutique. Never go with the first deal you find (unless it's only available in one place), because you can usually find a lower price and free shipping, or at least cheaper shipping.
  7. Sign up for a cash-back program. Places like offer cash back from most online stores, and all you have to do is sign up, and make sure you go to the store through When you add that money up, you will be saving a lot of money!
  8. Participate in eBay auction. If you really cannot let go of your love for everything fashionable and trendy but don’t want to end up being broke, then go to eBay. Many people/stores there are offering big discount on designer clothing. You can also browse through long listing and find out the cheapest price for same item. Buying on eBay is a great money saver. Just a caveat: always make sure that there is a return policy if you have received something that is not explained exactly how it should be on the online product description. You could end up wasting a lot of money for a worn-out piece of item.
  9. Rummage through bazaars and garage sales. During your free time, it is nice to check out every nook and cranny of your community so you can see garage sale announcements or scheduled bazaars.
  10. Opt for replica versions. When you really cannot afford even the marked-down price of a favourite piece, don’t lose hope. Research for almost exact copies from the internet and try it instead. These replicas don’t create any holes in your pocket and looks very stylish as well.

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